What is the deal with dudes arching their eyebrows these days??..To me it screams I want penis in my mouth..I see what I think is a straight dude with eyebrows arched better then mine..!! is there something im missing..maybe a new fad that I dont know about!! Well I think it's gay and maybe a lil down lowish..If I see you coming towards me with those rainbow shaped eyebrows.. im running the other way!!

La bella

Random Saturday

I make this face when im in deep thought..



Heading to Beauty Bar..

Taz lookin like $$$

im goin to need botox soon..

he told me to hold his beer while he boogie..

we walked the streets of Austin..

I had so much fun sat. hangin with my boys and dancing sometime I think I was mean't to be a gay man...but I would only do straight boys that date girls..wait... never mind!! anyway much fun..
La bella

I can't sleep..

Jacqui makes the best hello kitty sandwiches..!!!!

usually people take hot pics after eating Kimchi right????

la bella


Here lately Im being a lazy slacker,usually im a clean neat freak but in the last couple of weeks ive been slacking! So yesterday I get home and had a complaint notice on my door to cut my yard im assuming its from my crazy neighbor and let me tell you he is nuts.. he kinda scares me because he is always diggin ditches in his back yard at 2am!! I hope I dont end up in one of them..!! and well haven't made my bed in weeks, my kitchen floor is full of recyclables that I havent took out!! I need a intervention with my slackerness.. wait is that a word??

La bella


Jaw breaker

So about 8 months ago I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out and I swear my jaw is deformed now..sometime when I yawn my jaw pops,lock and drop~(ouch)!! I went back several times to talk to the surgeon and he said it was normal there is nothing normal about a Kanye West lock jaw look on a female!! I feel real MANish right now and had to share this so for all you telling me I have a strong jaw line..gee thanx

La bella

Faded at Fader day 2 & 3..

blackberry pics sux..

 is FAB....yessss

My nails match the beer can... yesssss

I'm covered in dirt from dancing~I guess im dirty dancing!

Kanye west murk'd it..

I adore her..