Are you still there?

coz we coming after you.

Amoura & La bella

Life Lately.

My life...through Instagram :)

I'm changing my lifestyle.
One day at a time!
Working on becoming the healthiest and happiest me yet! (more on this in another post!)

Red lips to class
Hil and I celebrating Bethany's birthday
Wooohoo! Get it girl! Out celebrating Bethany's 21st! :)
My love...and new roomie, Maddy!
Red cup and fresh snow :) Christmas season is here!
Can't forget about Jesus. He has been my rock this past month. Thanking him for guiding me through the first semester of my school year.
Working the front desk at the Microtel...loving life!
Officially roomies! Such a pretty roommate I have :)
Finals. Coffee.
Maddz and I plan to watch all the One Tree Hill seasons from the beginning this coming semester! Mmmmmm, Chad Michael Murray :)
Fave Bach couple. Bawled my eyes out. She was STUNNING.
Target shopping :)
Coffee at 10:33 pm. #YOLO

Post-Final Bliss.

At this very moment; I am sitting in a cozy coffee shop, curled up in a corner, sitting in a plush chair, preparing blog posts (yup, they're comining your way!), drinking this:

...And listening to this:

I am in total "post-final bliss"
Finals are done, Christmas break is here, and I can FINALLY relax and enjoy the things I have a love and passion for...
i.e. blogging, cooking, working out, reading, coffee shops, time with family, cuddling with the fiance, fun nights with friends, Christmas cookies, and play-time with my puppy.

I am literally beaming from ear to ear preparing these posts, and thinking about the 20 days of break ahead of me.

I have missed the blogging world. I am in dire need to re-connect!
Can't wait to fill you in on the musings of my life, and to get back on track with reading yours!

All my love,


Life Lately...

Just a little catch up on my life at the moment.
Obviously told through Instagram pictures :)

Job training at the Microtel...
I'm their new front desk girl!

Curriculum and Instruction project...COMPLETE!
This thing took up SO much time. The life of an Elementary Education Major....

Visited Josh a couple weekends ago!
Before I left he changed my broken windshield wiper for me. What a sweet man :)

Healthy egg white and wheat toast breakfast while cramming for a test! And of course there was coffee... :)

THIS program was started earlier this week :) I am IN LOVE with the BeachBody program, Turbo Fire. Best workout I've ever done. So excited to see my results I can get after 90 days!

Reading Doctrine on the road-trip to Thanksgiving dinner with my God-fearing fiance :)

On the way to "Say Yes to the Dress!!!" :)

Love this little dog.
She loves this window and grandma and grandpa's because she can look out of it to find squirrels!


Make Lemonade1

Today in my reading I read about how LaVaughn took Jolly to a steam class. It's called "steam class" because it is for people to find a way to blow of steam. In the end this all helps build up their self esteem. Jolly was afraid to go at first because she is a teenager with 2 kids and thought that the day care would be unasanitary, causing her kids to become sick. See Jolly recently lost her good paying job and is having trouble findin a new job. She is unable to pay her babysitter, LaVaughn for her work because she isnt having any income ! However, out of the goodness of her heart, LaVaughn decides to continue looking after Jilly and Jeremy for free. Her mother doesn't like that she's not getting paid because that money was supposed to help pay for college. I stopped reading where LaVaughn asks Jolly if she could get any assistance from the kid's fathers who are not around anymore.