After watching this i see that Grandma is a lil Jazzy looks like she has leather over the knee boots on.. But seriously if this is 4real and really happen that dude is a fuckin wacko..
La bella

Gossip Girl

The Gossip
603 Red River

Happy Hump Day

Halloween Edition.

5 days to Halloween

This is goin to be BANANAS!

939 Ponce de Leon Ave
Atlanta, GA

Her stretch marks make millions!

Naomi Campbell still looks great at 39 yrs old!!

La bella

Not Too Shabby

Even before the fake boobs..

La bella

Go Pink


All for the GAY'S and GOD..

From this day forward i will never say another bad thing about Lady Ga Ga since she do what she does for the gays and God..because majority of my friends are gay and i love GOD.. Pinky promise and girl scouts honor that i La bella bell bells Gola promise not to laugh out loud at a picture of Lady Ga Ga or post any negative thing on the blog about Mr. Ga Ga !!!

p.x i still think your music is whack..

umm NO

I know fashion supposedly repeats itself but shoulder pads need to stay the fuck away.. One of my good friends has this leather Jacket with MASSIVE shoulder pads!!!!.... not sayin any names--->MATTY<--- that looks cray cray 5000... If your already rockin the pads do you, but i will not support the frankinstein Fad..



La bella

Seperated at birth...



Bow Wow

Can i get a witness?? Im sure their related down the line some where.. Donnis 2nd cousin had a baby with T.I third cousin and Bow Wow 1st cousin was there to witness it..
La bella


Halloween is approaching us and its time to get your fit together. For most girls it might be cold this year so your predictable sexy cop fit or snow white fit might need built in thermals with them!!
Last year was my very first time going out on Halloween and i refused to pay loads of money for a costume that 20 other girls would have on so i was Nicole Richie since i adore her dearly..

I forgot i went to 2 parties last yr and i was a naughty school girl which i put together literally last minute because i wanted to be M.i.a third world democracy got more records than the KGB.. but that shit didnt work i look horrid!!

This year im not sure if im going out since i have mommy duties by the way Anissa wants to be a scary ballerina...If i do decided to go out this year i want to be a raver with glow sticks and beaded braclets and a pink wig...something like this but minus the beard!!
or like her but people might get me confused as a emo..
ok also thought of being Kim from ATL houswives with BIG POPPA wrote on my ass but im sure there will be ton of trannies with that idea..
Guys i thought of you too and im thinking Dick in the box..or a huge Dildo
Brit Brit

or maybe Wendy Wiliams that would be a easy one for guys..
I think i will just stick with a rave kid since i actually use to be one in high school im sure i can look in my garage and find some ginko jeans and sport bra with sneakers with a 4 inch heel,,,wtf was i thinking!!!?? I also should be a updated raver right?

wuteves just get in where you fit in!! peace love and vicks vapor rub... huh
La bella