Pool side weekend..

Bunny is a skater now!!

We decided to go downtown Austin Saturday night..

Day 2 at the pool!!

Ray luvs Marc

La bella


I scare myself some time..

But he scared me more

You love him

La bella

New Growth

Ive been growing out my eyebrows for the longest since the last place i went to have them wax betch got crazed and hacked my shit to pieces!! They are taking forever to grow..

I have a baby unibrow ..

La bella

Is it just me

or is my nose getting bigger by the day!!



kiss me through the computer

How do i love thee..

Ok i have a little confession i go googoo gaga for Djs, im not sure what my obession is but i luvs me some cd playing, mac book tote'n mens!! My crushes change all the time but no one can take the place of my Tiesto hey baby!! Ok well as of right now im crushin on a newbie name Deadmau5 his house music turns me into a TRANCEformer...get it TRANCE nevermind..!! I haven't seen him live yet but i heard he gives a show and the fact he wears a huge mouse head on his tiny lil cute head is amazzzin!!

So come on dance with me!!

La bella

More than wings..

Ok i get it now im not really a huge fan of energy drinks but i luvs me some Red Bull after drinking a few sips i get so hyphy and crunk!! Well its just been reported that there has been traces of cocaine found in Red Bull and some countries have thought about taken it off the market!! Read more about it here Fox News!

La bella

Random Friday ...Really Random!!

morn after that bull.. it

torn acl scar from skateboarding

thick thighs from my mama

La bella