Cute Fit..

Urban you never let me down..

Happy Hump Day

I think 75% of the Hump Day pics on this blog are of Kim... Every wednesday should be Happy Kim Ass Day..


Dont you just love a picture that has been photoshopped into a fuckery of a mess not to mention the watermarks take over the entire picture.. Im no professional when it comes to photography, i just like taking pictures.. But i will honestly say ive never photoshop a picture and will never stick a huge watermark on a picture which to me actually take away from the pic.

Here are some pics i took of my friend Clara last year to take to an model agency. Canon Rebel t1i, a minor twerk of contrast and natural light..

They don't make them like this in the states..

One blog i check on the regular is Shock

Eye candy 5000 x 10 = Dope

Seperated At Birth


Travis Barker

Wiz Khalifa

Squint your eyes and look at all 3 of them at the same time... GOLDEN

MTV does it again..

After MTV created a fuckery of a mess show 16 and knocked up.. which by the way i think that show is a disaster and give teens the wrong idea.. To me it glorifies teen pregnancy, supposedly the kids get bank for being on that show.. look forward to 2011 being teen baby boomer pt .deux !! Next they try to reamake an amazzzin tv show called Skins, by the trailer it looks to cray and nothing like the original version.. I use to love to watch that show when i lived in Germany and it makes Gossip Girl look like a show for toddlers.. If you havent seen the original version please watch it.. im sure you can purchase it on Amazon, but its really deep and hardcore.. And this new version gets no love from me because some things are just mean't to leave alone!!! example... the movie Clueless, i swear if anyone remake my fav movie of all time fuckin heads will roll...

Another Reason To Delete FaceBook

Im pretty much done with FakeBook.. I can honestly say social networking sites have ruined relationships and lives.. There has been cases where kids have killed themselves over someone having a fake profile and talking shit.. Can someone answer what's wrong with having your own identity instead of using someone else's.. such as pics,info,what you do for a living, etc... Im so over people being fake and being something their not..

Click pic to make larger

I hope who ever wrote this shit to me find themselves and a life...


So, we are finally coming out of our end of the year hibernation. Nothing like 18 inches of snow to make you feel like burrowing into a hole and going to sleep until May.

Christmas was a wonder. The kids had a magical time. The trees and the decorations finally came down today. It was bittersweet to pack all the pretty things away, especially the personalized ornaments that the little ones made this year.

There is still the smell of Christmas in the air though. I expect to be sweeping up pine needles for weeks.

Random query I have after the classic Rankin/Bass animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was viewed in my house at least 20 to 30 times since October;  was everyone always so mean to Rudolph? How come I never picked up on just how brutal and cranky Santa is when I watched the show every year as a kid? After he tells Rudolph's Dad that he should be ashamed of himself because Rudolph's nose glows red?  Ack!

Santa should be on the naughty list just for being such a jerk.

Fortunately, the Rudolph dvd was slyly tucked away with the Christmas lights this week. I think we can all have a greater appreciation of it's classic nature if we only view it during the holidays. Not in February.

Now, if I could just make the dvd of Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel magically disappear the New Year will definitely be off to a good start.

2010 Recap

2010 was absolutely amazzin... Im ready to see what 2011 has in store!!

And i still cant get over Amanda Blank Bang'n ass bod.. She Fine

And Clinton dancing with a dog in a club...Still trying to figure out why a dog was there chilling..hmmmm

And also there was alot of Hey Boy Heyyy going on, which means(eyecandy 5000) and it always ends up with me getting drunk and running off and not telling them i think their hot..My New Years Resolution if i think your hot and if your single im attacking you... In a good way