Life Lately...

Just a little catch up on my life at the moment.
Obviously told through Instagram pictures :)

Job training at the Microtel...
I'm their new front desk girl!

Curriculum and Instruction project...COMPLETE!
This thing took up SO much time. The life of an Elementary Education Major....

Visited Josh a couple weekends ago!
Before I left he changed my broken windshield wiper for me. What a sweet man :)

Healthy egg white and wheat toast breakfast while cramming for a test! And of course there was coffee... :)

THIS program was started earlier this week :) I am IN LOVE with the BeachBody program, Turbo Fire. Best workout I've ever done. So excited to see my results I can get after 90 days!

Reading Doctrine on the road-trip to Thanksgiving dinner with my God-fearing fiance :)

On the way to "Say Yes to the Dress!!!" :)

Love this little dog.
She loves this window and grandma and grandpa's because she can look out of it to find squirrels!