If you really love me

You would stop paying your rent and buy me all of these amazzzin Karen Walker shades..xoxo

La bella


La bella

Denton is where it's axxx..

I just got back from Denton and omg someone should have told me that Fry Street is like a baby version of 6th street in Austin.. I had the best weekend ever, posting pics tonight!!

La bella

Let's play name that face...

So im sitting here watching The City on MTV because i secretly dont have a social life and i notice that Olivia Palermo facial expressions never change.. I think she is absolutely gorgeous though...

Ok so lets start the game---->

OMG Olivia your hair is on fire..

Olivia Olivia omg i just walked in on your boyfriend sucking Jeff penis

Olivia your're FIRED

Olivia you're HIRED

Olivia smile if you like that post

La bella

Maybe Next Time

but until then


On again off again..

So once again im on Twitter, this is my third try and second account since the 1st account got hacked.. Follow me so i can rock your twitter world..

La bella

One Night In Paris

La bella