Post-Final Bliss.

At this very moment; I am sitting in a cozy coffee shop, curled up in a corner, sitting in a plush chair, preparing blog posts (yup, they're comining your way!), drinking this:

...And listening to this:

I am in total "post-final bliss"
Finals are done, Christmas break is here, and I can FINALLY relax and enjoy the things I have a love and passion for...
i.e. blogging, cooking, working out, reading, coffee shops, time with family, cuddling with the fiance, fun nights with friends, Christmas cookies, and play-time with my puppy.

I am literally beaming from ear to ear preparing these posts, and thinking about the 20 days of break ahead of me.

I have missed the blogging world. I am in dire need to re-connect!
Can't wait to fill you in on the musings of my life, and to get back on track with reading yours!

All my love,