come to the party


Rain Rain Go Away

Im celebrating my b~day with 2 of my fav boys this saturday if your in Austin please come.. There will be a walk off at midnight and tons of booty shakin!! Its a out side venue so im crossing my fingers that the rain stops by then!!

p.x everyone is invited except for that skank ass swine flu thang girl you better stay yo ass at home!

Sunday Funday

I must have lost my mind in this video I was driving with my knee,textin on the cell and recording with the cam..!!

La bella

I have a confession.!

Random Saturday

botox time..

check her blog

I like to share..

I only dance to real dj's

true hipster

my best betch for life.

Alex signature pose

she thought my tatt was cute..

I thought her face was cute..

sexiest boy in austin

we made straight guys kiss.

La bella


There is no way this thang is 23 years old!! He look so old with his long ass tit tays.. click on the 3rd pic.!!

La bella