There is so many reality shows poping up these days about familes raising multiple kids its redic! Why should we glorify a family who wants to bring that burden on themselves?! In the old days it was ok there was no such thing as birth control,condom,etc and our Goverment wasnt so corrupt.. But now a days its getting a little out of hand..so why would you want 18 kids and counting?? go fuckin adopt you inbred mutherfucker.. Or why would you want to be a single mom raising 8 newborns plus the other kids you have previously!! Isnt there a law that your only suppose to have 1-2 kids in a household?? O wait thats another country.. Thanks to all you selfish people for over populating our world and giving the Goverment a reason to make diseases such as swine flu, etc...!! And all you lazy dumb bitches 23 yrs old working on your 4th kid with 4 different baby daddies living in section 8 on welfare but still dress in the newest clothes and keep your hair and nails did.. YOUR A JOKE

GhostWriter aka ghostie aka casper aka booooo