A teenie booper or a denture rocker?

Ok this is not blog worthy juice im just curious about dude Jason Earls, just the other day my little one was watching Hannah Montana and i was in the same room so i decided to watch it too..ok i admit i have seen every episode and seen the movie twice..only because im i meant Anissa is a huge fan of Hannah..anyways we started checking out how old the characters were since she has a crush on Hannah's brother and wants to marry him..u know how that goes i wanted to marry one of the power rangers when i was like 10..then i found out he was a she and was a little heart broken!! Back to the story well looked up her crush and found out he is 32 yrs old...WHAT!??!! I know all the time actors who are in there mid twenties play high school parts but this was just a lil creepy and weird.. I have to admit that this actor Jason has aged well but dont you think its a lil weird???? and no he can not get in where he fit in..im weird'd out

La bella