P.x which means p.s duh

I have to tell you this craze story about Dallas ok so we meet this craze woman that wanted to make bff with Bunny and I and she wasnt taking No for an answer..She followed us around and start screaming she was from NAW OWLENS and she would cut a betch if we didnt take her pic.... so here she is peeps meet craze..craze meet peeps..i hope she never reads this because she said she carried razor blades under her tounges!!

She was holding a gun behind our back..

Please click the pic to see her britney.

La bella


La bella


Im not a huge fan of alternative rock music, but right now i cant get enough of The Script their lastest cd is always playing in my car!! I honestly can say that i like every song on this cd.. its a little sappy but if your in love with being in love you can relate to the lyrics!! check Their myspace..
La bella

Do the stanky leg..i mean't face!!

i make this face on the dance flo..

La bella

Bella & Bunny does Dallas..

Its vacay time and it couldnt come at a better time,my bestie and i decided to party in Dallas this weekend and i am already thinking of moving here. I will be taking loads of pics and posting them when i get back home.. but for right now you have to enjoy photo booth time!!!

For my men readers...wink wink

La bella

Random Thursday

Poor Mitch he is the king of pop # 1 fan..

He couldn't cry anymore..

La bella