And you are??

Ok so i tried to google you and got nothing then i asked a couple of people in the industry if they recognize your name and they thought it was a bubonic plague..So you know alot of people right?? you have connects around the world or just third world countries!! Im confused i thought you told me you were somebody but in reality you are just a nobody better yet a ass kisser!! I met you twice and wasn't impressed to me your bland and lame..Ive tried to be cordial with you but obvisouly you like drama, eventually people will see right through your black as tar skin and i will be sitting here laughing out loud..!! Because remember who do i know.??!!. im jus a party girl that can go to any city in the states or call my homies in France,Germany and Australia and have a place to crash when im in town..!! Just because i dont have 138738131038 friends on myspace or 84928424820 on facebook or 2 people following me on twitter doesnt mean anything boo boo!!
La bella