Prima Donna

I adore this girl so much, i remember the first time i spotted her at a party in 2007..she was wearing an romper when no one was wearing them yet and it was love at first sight (with the romper that is..) I knew then with her keen fashion sense and amazzzin tattoos i wanted to kiss her face. Well my beautiful Donna is moving to Australia with her amazzzing man to pursue her dreams and im a little on jeal and mad side.. Jealous because ive always wanted to live there and mad because all those beautiful vintage clothes that she owns that i once borrowed are not in my reach :( haha Oh Donna if you ever read this Im so happy we cross paths and i hope you have a comfy couch ... Glitter 5000

And just because you live thousands of miles away, I STILL WANT MY X~MAS CARD

You only have 1 life, its up to you what to do with it..

La bella