The end of Reign

The sisters got tired of being mistreated and abused by their own father and uncle. So they set up a attic to capture the prostituting business in action. The assistant, Victoria, who was also engaging in sexual activities with Dallas as the bait. She went in asking for work and Dallas told her exactlty what she could do for a customer later that night. He also laid out how much she would earn and how she would conduct herself. The police were outside waiting for the signal to come in. As Dallaas threw himself onto Victoria, she gave the signal. She threw her hands above her head and the polic squad rushed in and took Dallas down. Houston came in trying to help and got taken down also. The sisters felt as if they had gotten their revenge for all the years of mistreatment they had been taking. They were also happy beacaus they saw him and his brother as a threat not as family.