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Im so happy the No Shave November thing is over some beards were getting a little scary...

Yes and Hell Yea


Last seen in Atlanta at MJQ...
Blonde Hair
Green Eyes
And covered in Herpes

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This is another reason why i will not have sex until im married or in a long term relationship, almost 6 months and i dont miss it at all...!!


My Favorites...

why cant life be this simple??...And why cant everyone look as good as these two do in this commercial..!!!??

Real or Fake??

I seen these pics on a friend facebook page and i had to post them(of coarse i asked first), do you think the tatts are real or fake?? If you guess right i will send you an endless amount of trident layers..

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Final Opinion

As the storey concluded, I didn't want it to end. I hope there is a continuation of they story =)

Three the Hard Way

At the end of the story, Chanel got married to Maurice and had a healthy baby boy. .The sisters moved together and strayed away from the life that they once had lived. They also came up with the idea of changing their last names from Collins. The name bared too much for the girls to handle on their own.

The end of Reign

The sisters got tired of being mistreated and abused by their own father and uncle. So they set up a attic to capture the prostituting business in action. The assistant, Victoria, who was also engaging in sexual activities with Dallas as the bait. She went in asking for work and Dallas told her exactlty what she could do for a customer later that night. He also laid out how much she would earn and how she would conduct herself. The police were outside waiting for the signal to come in. As Dallaas threw himself onto Victoria, she gave the signal. She threw her hands above her head and the polic squad rushed in and took Dallas down. Houston came in trying to help and got taken down also. The sisters felt as if they had gotten their revenge for all the years of mistreatment they had been taking. They were also happy beacaus they saw him and his brother as a threat not as family.


Chanel has now found out that she is pregnant by her lover. She is afraid becuase she knows that Dallas wiil freak out on her. So she decides to go about the situation by telling her sisters first so they can help her break it to thier father. They aren't to happy at first because the policy is that they should have protection with everyone. They were always told that they couldn't afford to lose their shapes. So when Dallas found out, he flipped out on them. Chanel was crying and the fisty sister, Essence was taking up for her in her defense against Dallas.


The youngest sister Chanel has it the worst. She has an outside lovelife that no one really knows about. She was in love with a man names Maurice. She tried to spend as much time as possible with him. Unfortunatly, she was being untrue with him about her whole life situation. He never knew the complete truth about her job until later on in the story. she never told heim that she was an escort in fear that he may leave her for that. But instead, Maurice believes that Chanel is a cake shop receptionist by day and a office manager by night. As the story goes on, Chanel feels guilty and eventually reveals her forbidden secret.

My Opinion so Far

At this point in the story, I feel as if the girls, Chanel, Diamond, and Essence have it bad. Most children donlt have to go through this ; let alone adults. If it's done, then alot of ppl don't know about it. These activities are emotionally and physically abusive.


As the years went on and the girls became older, thay had to first experience the sexual activities that they had never even knew existed.The worst part aboput it was that they had to have sex with their uncle who was also their body guard, Houston. Houston, was Dallas' younger brother. He was instructed to "teach" the girls the "correct" way to be sexy. The girls went through many sessions with hm and was also afraid that he would hurt them if they didn't please well.


There are 3 sisters that aein cusody of thier father because their mother died. When he got cutody of the girls, he on;ly saw them as dollar signs & knew they would be he best profit for him because they were beautiful. He put them into service, prostiuting. He called this an escort service. The girls went out and did what they had to do. Depending on the customers perfrences, they might also have to engage in sexual activity at the end of the night. The cost for one night could be anywhere from $3,000-$20,000. As far as the money goes, the girls never get to see it. Their father/pimp,Dallas, gets it all. The sisters also stayed on a ranch with their father. They weren't allowed to beout on their own at any time.

One Step Ahead

When everyone is chopping/shaving their shit short... Rhianna has been there did that and has long luscious locks now, and im diggin it!!

Willow should hire it immediately

I dont know if i should contact PETA or contact a circus.... This is craze... in a good way!

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Hey girl/boy Hey..

Im sure you've heard this one before and actually thought it could be possible... Ive never thought it until here lately....But KAT VON D  is starting to look a little man ish.. I adore the Miami Ink show, and think all the artist have mad skills definitely KAT but her redic wigs and deep voice is convincing me she might be a he/she!! 

If she pops out a baby i will eat my words, because obviously doing PLAY BOY and having a SEX TAPE still dont convince me that CHYNA  is a woman..

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Dance Party At My House

If Lil Wayne gets out tomorrow drinks on me.. Every song that he has ever made,produced,remixed, will be played so be ready to dance for the next 2 weeks...

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Happy Hump Day