Let them eat cup cakes..

If ya'll haven't notice i take b~day's seriously, for some reason i feel that it's the most precious day in your life and you should celebrate it to the fullest.. The fact that you made it another year on this beautiful earth is priceless...

So each b~day i go all out and if you've been following the blog you know.. so i will start from the year i started blogging..

2008 My bff Court flew in from Alabama so we could celebrate my first real year living in Texas/birthday, i decided to dress like a member from a 70's rock band (don't judge my life~judge my taste for fashion ewww) and we painted the town red with a splash of puke green...

2009  Me and 2 of my amazing friends Matty & Sid threw a cray cray birthday bash because our b'day's around the same time and it was the best party ever, it was so good i woke up in a random person house surrounded by baby kittens..Weird but AMAZZZING

2010 Me & my bff Court & sister from another mister Clara flew to europe and partied like it was 1999 x 5000.. Hands down it was the best trip ever so far.. I got to be the Crookers mascot and dance on stage, i dance on the couch in Le Baron and got a marriage proposal in Le BC... Doesn't get any better i think..

2011 My bff Court drove up from Alabama and we decided to take a trip to NY to see our boo Matty.. So since i was going to be in NY, i contacted Yumna an amazing photographer who i wanted to work with to do a b~day photo shoot and let me tell you it was so much fun.. It took place in this cute loft in Brooklyn with tons of cake and a huge mess and i have to admit i met some beautiful souls that day..

Upon arrival i got my face bang'd out by this amazing make up artist  Sheena .. I actually loved my make up, i dont wear alot of make up because i can look like a tranny in a hot second but this girl knew her stuff and i wish i could carry her around in my pocket 4 ever..
Yumna is so adorable i wanted to kiss her face..

After the photo shoot the rest of the trip was a blur, i kinda got wasted beyond no return and was literally having rap battles with a cab driver and french baguette.. by the way the baguette won :(

So there you go that's my b~day theory and im getting in where i fit in... PEACE~LOVE~& B~DAY CAKE