Wedding Wednesday {Engagement Party!}

I have been very delinquent when it comes to "Wedding Wednesday" posts
...Or just blog posts in general.
BUT, I am coming back to blogging life on this Wednesday because there have been a lot of plans made for the wedding! :)

Things that have been checked off the list:
Ceremony site. check.
Reception site. check.
Wedding party decided and asked. check.
DJ. check.
Photography. check
Wedding dress. CHECK!!!
and...there is a great contender for the bridesmaids dresses at the moment!
OBVIOUSLY there will be separate posts on these coming soon ;)

Let's just say, this girl has been in planning overhaul.
I know I still have 13 months...
But I am such a type A personality when it comes to my wedding. I need a plan. I need to book things. I need to know that all that I want for my day is in order. Josh thinks I'm crazy; yet thankful that I have planning under control, and he has no worries :)

The point of this post is to show you pictures of the wonderful engagement party that was thrown by my amazing future mother in law and sister in law :) I LOVE THEM. I could not have asked for a better party surrounded by closest family and friends to celebrate Josh and I. 

Pictures from the beginning of our relationship
The two pictures from the night we met and had our "first date" :)
A cake made for us by Josh's Grandma :)
More recent pictures. And adorable pom-poms!
Cute fall-like centerpieces :)

Loved the red pom-poms hung around the room!

Josh and I with our cake :)
I asked Ruth to be my bridesmaid!
It was a custom win label that read, "Ruth, Will you be my bridesmaid? Love, Rachel"
I did this for all of my bridesmaids :)
Also, this lady was the master-mind behind all of the Pinterest-inspired decorations. Gosh do I love how cute she made that room :)
LINDA! One of my bridesmaids who was able to come :)
Josh and I with grandma and grandpa Kaiser
Josh's dad and my grandpa
Josh's dad, grandpa, Josh, my grandpa, and my dad
Josh's grandpa and mine were a HOOT when they got together.
They are the epitome of crazy old men! I love it; and them :)
Grandpa Schultz got us a great decoration for our future home!
It was a three spot candle holder with a saying about how a marriage is not between two, but three. The third element is Christ in your relationship. So meaningful :)
Our banner over the fireplace {again, thank you Ruth!}
The date is the day we got engaged, and the pictures are from our engagement night :)
I love this man. I cannot wait to continue being with him during all celebrations in our lives :)