26 days in a closet..

Ok so i was born with a special gift and through out the years this gifted talent has been very helpful.. I know what your thinking and NO i can't eat my own ___ssy!! ewww perv..but i do have a gaydar and I haven't been wrong about a guy or woman yet!! Well im watching MTV and making the band comes on..ding ding ding gaydar starts going off and guess who it is?? It's your boy QUESHA ..yea i know he has a girl but so what.. doesn't fool me!! I can see the sugar in his eye's when he throw's one of his bitch fits!!

"which one of you nigga's use my hair gel and wave cap.. i will cut a bitch"!!

Dear Q you would be so much happier if you came out the closet!!
Im here for ya bro.. peace~love and penis..

La bella