Gay Chicken

Ok im no perv but ive been playing this game before i knew it was a actual game its called Gay Chicken.. I can remember when some friends and i would tell straight guys to make out so we could laugh.. but now i see its a game thats really popular in fraternities..Creepy!! I really didnt think it was even remotely possible for straight guys to think of kissing another dude...and then i saw Broke Back Mountains which totally made me cringe and throw up in my mouth!! Let's set the record straight i love to hang out with gay boys but you bi boys i think ur kinda creepy and freaky.. im not sure how a guy would fuck a guy and then turn around and have a girlfriend.. if a guy tell you he is bi he a lie girlfriend.. but...there are some girls that like bi guys which is kinda weird to me.. But neways im bored and really looking forward to my lake trip this weekend!!

La bella