I've been sitting in the house since last weekend scared to go out because of the bacon flu i also have a mask that i bedazzled the word pig on its very cute..but not funny!! So ive been getting alot done these last couple of days like...watching t.v and well watching my daughter watch t.v ,ive also been looking to buy a new t.v..but neways lastnight i was flipping through channels and stoped at college hill and immediately i wanted to cut a betch..I cant stand that sissy boy Kyle..alot of my guy friends are gay but this guy is a fuckin sissy..And i just love how he thank he can fight a girl like he is a girl..ummmm try again homie!! I dont care how many dicks you suck or how much cum you swallow you still a dude and you cant hit girls..PERIOD!! I have to admit i had a situation like this a few months back where a guy thought he was a girl cause he fucks dicks and this dude tries to fight me..i quickly sprayed his ass with mace!!

"who ate my slab of ribs?? dats still'n im callin the palezze on you"

Im not sure exactly what day it comes on.. well i really dont care but you can watch some of the clips here college hill

La bella