Everybody's doing the chemo look now..

Everywhere i go now i see super short hair on women and now it seem everybody want to do the Britney Spears mr. clean look!! When Brit did it she was supposedly this crazed drug fiend!!so..... what is everyone else reason?? I would never cut my hair short, well actually i could never wear it short because i have a fat face and a Kanye West profile..I dont know i thought men love long lucious locks??!! I thought only lesbian studs shaved their head..This new trend is kinda confusing me, either way get in where you fit in i guess!! huh???

Britney Spears made it look ummmm well ummmm ??

Natalie definitely has the right face for it!!

Grace Jones made it look craze!!

Demi Moore made it look fucking sexy!!

Sigourney Weaver made it look tough!!

La bella