lookn for boo:-(

Every time La bell Bells comes into town we always run into this cutie gay homeless? man "work it girl, work it" who is soooooo funny! The first time we saw him I almost ran over him coz he ran in front of my car! He ran up to us with a tube of ky jellys in hand and a red rose like "yall r tooo cute! see I'll cut a bitch like dat!" I laughed so hard til the cops came and almost arrested my boo:-( Last time we saw him he had major 'tude with us... this is why I think he got arrested that night coz he ran up to us for a lil bit then was like "see yall bitches get me in trouble, oh hell naw where's my man" and walked away switching:-( I felt so bad so if you see boo on the streetz of gaylanta txt me asap coz we miss you & you're funny!