Im back from my fams house in Ga. for the holidays and let me tell you ive gained 10lbs...NO LIE... since last tues i had no signal,since my mom house is located near Mars and i couldnt blog because i would have to drive 30miles to starbucks to use wifi since my mom still has dial up.. NO LIE.. but honestly i didnt miss my phone at all..!!

This is all i can put up from my fam because the rest of the pics everybody has food falling out of their mouth and they would kill me if i post them..So later that night Mike and i drove to visit my friend Susi and her hubby in Ft.fucker rucker :)

We start drinking and decided we wanted to drive to Teaser which is a lil strip club near Dothan AL and watch TINY TINA..NO LIE... by the way we started having a photo shoot of how we would pose if we went to prison and had to send home polaroids :(

La bella