'Tis the Season

The Season is upon us now, a time for gifts and giving. And as the year draws to a close, I think about my living. The Christmas time when I was young…….
Back in the good old, but somewhat hazily- recalled days of elementary school, I vaguely remember having a part in the school Christmas show.  I can’t recall what grade I was in, but I was old enough to recite some lines and introduce the Glee Club. I can clearly picture myself stage left, sitting in a chair and speaking lines I worked so hard to memorize, in a nervous voice.  Some of the lines stuck with me but I never could recall all of it or where it came from.   
As the season begins, I finally thought to look them up. Thanks to the wonderment that is Google and the internet, I discovered…
 John Denver.
 A Christmas song!
Not Robert Frost or Walt Whitman or some other New England scribe.
John – 1970s-earnest folk singing-Denver. And it’s about his son.
Who knew!
I never would have guessed the poet in my head all these years was John Denver.
What happened to John Denver’s music ? Especially his Christmas songs? Why don’t we hear this more during the 9,000 Days of Christmas that take over every radio station this time of year?
Listening to “A Baby Just Like You” strikes the same sappy-sentimental vein in me that gets goose bumps when I hear “Danny’s Song.”  The Kenny Loggins original version.  Not Anne Murray. I can't help it, the sweetness and earnest nature of the lyrics appeals to my Mom-vibe. Especially as  this is Doodle #3's First Christmas.
It is the first week of December. Enjoy the season and hope you find some time amidst all the holiday flurry to “set your soul to dreaming.”
The Heights and Lights celebration in downtown Stamford is a great way to kick off Christmas on Sunday, December 5.
 Santa Claus, his elves and Rudolph rappel down the side of the Landmark Building, with fireworks and lots of caroling. A tree -lighting follows in nearby Latham Park. The kids love seeing Santa Claus scale down the tallest building in the city.
This year, Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees is going to join Santa. Go figure. It is good thing, it is not Jeter. I know a few otherwise well-adjusted female fans who would find a way to climb up that building if it was.