A "Top Bun" For Long Haired Gals :)

I love top buns.
NO. Not sock buns...
I have tried and failed miserably at rolling my hair around a sock. Girls, if you have layers in your hair, you know what I mean! I was so envious of all of the women who had cute buns in their hair. I had to be able to do it with mine!

So I was on the hunt. The hunt to figure out the best way to style my hair in an adorable top bun! I came across a really great tutorial for a sock free "sock bun" that looks exactly the same, and can be dressed up for a classy event. I found it on The Small Things Blog! Christina from Carolina Charm also shared how to do this style.

So, I tried it out! 

I loved how it turned out! The only problem, my hair is sooo long! Like, middle of my back long, and the whole process on rolling my foot long hair into a bun was actually very time consuming!

So my hunt began again...
I was looking for a bun that was easy AND a little more casual.
Then came THIS tutorial I found on Pinterest :)
I had found top bun gold!
It came from the blog Life is so Demanda
Easy updo. The Better Bun! Better than the sock bun. Hair tutorial.
Here's the video!

Basically, you put your hair in a high pony, take sections of the pony and "rat" the strand of hair. After you have "ratted" your entire pony, you simply wrap the pony into a bun until you've achieved your desired look! Because of the volume of your ratted hair, the pony is really workable and holds into a bun extremely well. I only had to use a couple of bobby pins :)
This is now my go to bun style. I love it. It's super easy, fast, and a great casual top bun that you can wear every day :) I hope you long haired girls try this one out. I think you'll like it!