{Engagement Story}

Saturday, September 22, 2012.

On this day, my life forever changed. And it changed for all the right reasons :)
The love of my life asked me to be his wife, partner, helper, spiritual support, future mother of his children, friend, lover, and companion for the rest of his life.

To say I was honored is quite the understatement. I was elated, thankful, loved, wanted, respected, and blessed. And I feel that way still.

Here's how the day started...

Josh came to visit that weekend, making a 7 hour road trip traveling from Mequon, WI to New Ulm, MN. He had told me earlier that week that a bunch of his family was coming to visit his aunt and uncle in the twin cities {this was a total lie, we saw none of his family haha} and that we could drive up there because it would be a chance for me to meet more of his extended family {his very LARGE extended family!}

A couple days before he told me that we were going to a "fancy" restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. RED FLAG! My mind immediately thought, "could this be THE weekend?" I told myself to try and not bet on it, because the weekend earlier when we were together I had TOTALLY gotten my hopes up; and those hopes were dashed when it didn't happen. So even though this seemed like a pretty good set-up, I didn't wanna crush my hopes!

So that Saturday I had a volleyball game (WE WON!), and then I got ready afterwards for our trip up to the cities. I had to take my time primping and looking fabulous just in case! Josh looked as handsome as ever in a cream colored suit and black tie, complete with pocket handkerchief, and I got to strut my stuff in a lacy LBD number that I have been dying to have a special occasion to wear!

HAD to wear my hair in a bun!
Josh was trying to be all secretive and would not tell me what restaurant we were going to! So I dealt with the wondering and anxiously awaited getting there! Our restaurant destination was the Nicollet Island Inn, named the "most romantic restaurant" in the twin cities. It was situated next to the Mississippi, with the skyline of downtown Minneapolis shinning bright across the water :) It was gorgeous! 
We had a fancy 5 course dinner. And oh my word was it YUM!

Caprese, uhhh....salad? This was interesting! haha :)
Delicious Salmon!

Josh's "melt in your mouth" beer battered walleye

My delectable chocolate upon chocolate dessert! This was right up my chocolate loving, dessert loving alley :)
Together at dinner <3
After dinner, Josh asked me to go on a walk down by the river. Okay, now I was wondering if this would be it! AHHH! I was surprisingly calm and excited, but still questioning whether this was THE moment! It was a cold one that night. I had a small bomber jacket, but that would not be nearly enough to keep me warm in this tiny little dress...this should be interesting! As we walked around the corner Josh told me, "Well, instead of taking a walk, how about we take a horse and carriage ride." There was a horse and carriage awaiting us to take a ride through downtown. OH MY GOODNESS, I think I just about died! How romantic is he?! Plus this ride was equipped with a large fleece blanket which was MUCH needed! Okay, now I was thinking to myself, "How can he top this?!" 

We started on the carriage ride, and everything was perfect. We passed numerous cozy restaurants and the brick rode we traveled on just added to the scene. We came to the Stone Arch Bridge. Gorgeous, right?! As we were crossing the bridge we had the driver take pictures of us while in the carriage. 
Surprisingly, at this point I'm not even thinking about the engagement possibility; but maybe I should have been, because a few moments later Josh asked that we step outside of the carriage and take a picture together standing on the bridge.
As we are standing waiting to take the picture, Josh dropped to one knee! My hands immediately covered my face and tears started coming!

Excuse the EXTREMELY blurry cell phone picture...
Then he asked me the words I have dreamed of for 2 years,
"Rachel, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"
YES! I said yes!!

again...very blurry

I immediately hugged him and cried out my tears before any ring was placed on my finger. After the hugs, he slipped THIS beauty onto my left finger :)

It was over the top romantic, to say the least, and I am so blessed that this was MY moment. MY engagement! I am overjoyed and so happy that this man chose to love me for the rest of his life! I cannot wait to start this wedding planning process; I am far too excited! Thank you all so much for your kind words of congratulations, it is so very appreciated :)