Flaws and All

I have to get this off my chest, i look at alot of girls i went to school with on FACEBOOK and they are completely fucking plastic.. Fake nose,fake boobs, fake hair,fake nails,fake lips,fake eye lashes some even have ass pads.. This shit is getting old, no matter how big you make your breast or how many spanx you wear..its still not the real you..!! I have love handles for days, stretch marks on my hips and ass, little ass breast that droop.. not to mention my nipples are the size of a small country, i have a huge scar on my right leg where i almost died in a car accident in Germany.. I can seriously go on and on and on about my flaws.. But guess what?? They are mine and i love them.. You know my motto get in where you fit in and do you.. But it kinda ruin it for girls who are natural and some guys are use to seeing fake barbie bitches..

Embrace your body... at least you want get boob sweat

Here is a few pics of me.. take it or leave it

Just my Mac and no photo shop


Or you will end up like this