So i totes forgot to blog about the Sam Edelman boots i bought a year ago.. yea im late sorry.. Ok so after spotting the Olsen twins in those amazing Balenciaga Harness boots, i had to have them..
After finding them in brown i was super stoked then i seen the price.. 2,000 ummm NO
Next .....then i came across the Sam version that was kinda similar and a hell of lot cheaper.. I order them asap
I got them and didnt have a outfit to go with them so they sat in my closet for months.. I finally wore them and OMG someone should have told me they need to be broken in.. Those shoes are extremely uncomfortable the first few times wearing them..

So there is a new style of the Sam booties out that are super cute, so if you decided to get them be prepared for the pain that comes with them..

La bella