Back Before You Had A Chance To Miss Me

I’m relaxed, I’m refocused, I’m reenergized, and you have really got to see this tan!  What a week.  Words can describe neither how bad I needed to get away, nor how good it felt to be away.  I would love to fill this post with tales of erotic debauchery for you to enjoy, but unfortunately I don’t have stories like that for you today.  This vacation was both about rediscovering me, soul searching if you will, and getting away from all that bothered me.  And that’s exactly what I did.  Highlights included winning yet another beer chugging contest, it’s been awhile since I won one of those. And I don’t even really drink anymore, but what is it they say?  “Kings stay kings” and my title was defended internationally this time. I made you proud once again Toronto, your welcome for my die hard and never ending representation. I also came close to finally spending a night in a Mexican jail, but 42 dollars kept me from knocking that off the bucket list.  What bullshit too, who really considers public urination a crime?  That night I was offered coke by 12 cab drivers, at least 4 bartenders, and even a janitor, then was approached by 4 or 5 Mexican street hookers on the very strip I relieved myself on, and I’m supposed to believe that that’s the letter of the law they are choosing to enforce?  I called the bluff and for the record was fully prepared to go and get my “OZ” on, but my travel companion wanted to go back to the hotel and paid the cops their hush money.  I didn’t hear the end of it until I gave him the money back the next day though.  Actually I haven’t really heard the end of it yet, your welcome Facebook, we all know I’m always looking to provide some fodder for you all.  I spent a lot of time by the pool and around the resort, drank a lot of rum and pineapple, ate like a king, and generally just got my “put the feet up” on.  I even participated in a lot of activities, and as my mom so sincerely pointed out, actually smiled a few times.  Looks like yours truly had one hell of a week.  I also did what I tend to do best.  I tracked down some great people and made some amazing new friends.  And that’s what I’m going to concentrate on here.  Now, it would be impossible for me to talk about everyone I met, so if you’re reading this, which I highly doubt, because no one reads this, then don’t be upset.  You were probably immortalized in pictures, and as an ex or two can contest, I never forget a thing.  Besides, if not making my blog is the worst thing that happens to you, hell, lets switch, and I want your problems for a day. 

My English Counterpart
When I first met this guy, he was terribly close to getting a good old fashioned BusDriva beating that is usually reserved for people who insist on kissing their teeth repeatedly in my face.  He was loud, belligerent and outspoken, which clearly I can’t stand.         Pause.       Anyway, a funny thing happened that night out, he yawned in a jam packed club, and I slapped him across the face for it.  Then I poured shots down his throat and voila, we became sidekicks for the rest of his vacation.  He’s good people, or as he would say, “dog bullocks”, whatever the hell that means.  We even had a couple of serious chats too, as he’s not completely sure where he’s at versus where he should be at this point in his life.  Now I’m not saying I’m the one anyone should talk with when in that situation, but I listened, made a couple of jokes, and it was all good.  So good in fact that he expects me at some point in the near future to, as they say, “cross the drink” to England for a visit.  I highly doubt it though, I’ve seen “the Perfect Storm” and that Atlantic Ocean is one kick ass pond.  I doubt I will ever trust anything to get me all the way over that thing, and if Mark Wahlberg couldn’t swim out of it, I’d be a dead man.  We shall see

The Newly Weds From Philly
What a great couple this was.  It was your not so typical situation, when high school sweethearts get married ten years deep in their relationship.  You really don’t hear shit like that anymore, and it is sort of refreshing.  The common denominator here was no surprise, baseball, or more importantly Roy Halladay.  And anyone who knows the BusDriva knows that if you want to talk baseball and know what you’re talking about, than if I had one you would be catapulted to the top of my Christmas card list.  We spent a moderate amount of time together and had some laughs.  So many laughs in fact that the new Mrs. invited me repeatedly to come down to Philadelphia for a baseball game, and so she could introduce me to her sister.  That’s a long drive, but it sure would be nice to see “The Doc” live on the mound again.  Maybe, we shall see.

The Trio From Kentucky
Now here are a collection of late 30’s (wink wink) ladies who just came to relax and let loose.  Fun bunch too.  I’m not really sure why but I constantly kept saying they were from Ohio.  Are the two even close?  Hang on I’m going to check right now, BRB.    Thought so, they are right next to each other, honest mistake, I’m a Canadian, good enough.  Anyway, these girls were just some laid back, Daisy Duke type of gals, who were really a pleasure to be around. They didn’t bat an eye at the innuendo laced humour, had no problem throwing back a shot or 4, and I don’t think a minute went by that all three weren’t smiling about as big of a smile as I’ve ever seen in my life.  It was a good time when they were around.  We had such a good time in fact, that I was told that if I ever had business to take care of out in the Kentucky area (?) that we would all get together for dinner.  I’m almost positive I will never have business in the Kentucky area, but still it was genuine, and who knows, we shall see.

And finally
The D.A. From San Francisco

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with this young woman by the pool, and at first I thought she was just another pretty face.  I mean don’t get me wrong, really nice body, great eyes, great smile, was laid back, and fun, truth be told, much more than a pretty face for sure, but what I soon realized I could not have been prepared for.  The next day we accompanied each other to breakfast, being that her travel partner was too hung over to get up, and my travel partner only ate breakfast because I woke him up and made him.  Over breakfast I was absolutely floored with what I witnessed.  Not only is she a lawyer, which means she has a relatively high level of intelligence, but she could hold and carry a conversation to boot. She didn’t talk much but said a lot.  She paused when I finished a sentence before she started hers.  She asked questions, and listened to the answer.  Was well spoken sincere and genuine, and all in all an absolute pleasure to be with.  After breakfast I walked her back to her room, so she could check on her roommate, thats when she told me she had a boyfriend back home, and felt bad.  I don’t really know if I’m buying that though.  I mean maybe she does, which is fine, but in my evaluation of the situation, I don’t believe it, I think she just didn’t want to become another Cancun statistic, and that’s something I completely understand, and actually really respect.  So we can go ahead and tack ethics on to the growing list of pros.  And to think, I had to travel all the way to Cancun of all places to find a woman with morals.  Or hell maybe she does have a boyfriend, and I’m just doing what I do best and over dissect things a little too much.  Whatever the case may be, we spent a fair amount of time together the rest of the week, and the more time we spent, the more I realized, the bar by which I evaluate woman has been dramatically raised.  Here is an independent, intelligent beautiful woman, who is more happy laying by a pool reading a book than she could ever be knocking back shots, who dresses well, always looks great and from what I experienced always has something to say.  She can take a joke, really brings something to the table conversation wise, and lights up everything with a smile that belongs on T.V.  If she was a baseball player, she would be referred to as a five tool athlete.  If she was a hip hop song she would be Common Sense’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.” and if she was a bus driver, well, then, she would be me.  But there are two important issues in play here.  1) San Francisco and Toronto were not placed very close together when they drew up the North American map, and 2) District attorneys and bus drivers don’t historically have a track record of romantic involvement.  We said we would keep in touch but everyone knows how that usually ends up, and just because in all probability our paths won’t ever cross again, that doesn’t mean I won’t hope that one day they do.  And in the inevitable event that they don’t, well, hey, such is the Tao of the BusDriva.  I’m definitely better off for knowing her, that’s for sure, and right now, that’s all that counts, because quite honestly, right now that’s all I have.

You know, a lot of people don’t seem to understand one very important thing in life.  Your car, your house and your bank account really don’t mean a whole lot to anyone when it’s all said and done.  Where you go, where you’ve been and what you’ve seen makes for a good photo album, but really nothing more.  Even accomplishments and achievements are no more than place holders until someone comes along and accomplishes or achieves more.  It’s the lives you touch, and how long you live on in the memories of other people that really rate you as an individual.  Are you someone people forget a few minutes after you leave the room?  Or are you someone people think about and remember and maybe smile or chuckle at something you did or said long after you’ve left?  That’s impact.  That’s what counts, and that’s all that matters.  That’s what I remembered about myself on this vacation.  I’m an impact player, and as much as some people don’t want to, or just flat out can’t admit it, you really are a lot better off with me, than without me. Not only am I the peoples blogger to you, all 8 of my readers, but ask an outspoken window cleaner from England, or three young mature woman from Ohio, or Kentucky or where ever the hell they were from, or a couple of newlyweds down in Philly.  5 or 6 months from now, if they remember me, I did my job, and it’s a job I take seriously, always have and always will.  Just do me a favour though, don’t ask the D.A. in San Francisco, I could have been way off, she may actually have a boyfriend, hell, they may even live together, and he could very well be within hearing range. 
Oh, and by the way, you really, really have got to see this tan………