If It Ain't Broke, Change It Slightly....

So I’m broadcasting live and direct via my brand new computer, and let me tell you folks, this thing is a behemoth!  I went out and got myself an early Christmas present, and why not, I work hard.  Well, not really, but I work lots, and that’s hard enough.  I won’t get too much into what it is, because frankly I have no idea, what I will do is give you the link, and if your inclined you can check it out yourself, although I doubt you will, because I wouldn’t, but here it is anyway (mines upgraded to 2TB and Blu Ray)  (newtoyhere)  .....  More on why I did that later…

Now let’s get on with the program shall we?  The producers of theBusDrivachronicles have come up with a new format for me to dandy around, and albeit their good ideas are few and far between, I don’t actually mind this one too much.   Basically they want me to do things like “week in review”, amongst other ideas, in more of a “musings” type arrangement.  Similar to what you might find on the last page of the sports section, or if you used to read “slam” magazine, in their “trash talk” section.  Simply put, its 20 or so ideas, in rapid succession separated by some of these things (…………). It’s not a bad plan, and while I usually throw half their ideas out the window before they are even done explaining them to me, this one I may be able to accommodate them with.  They do after all write the cheque's, so appease if you may, I always say. They also want me to do some reviews on food, restaurants, movies and the like.  And the executive producer, well, he’s one of these computer tech guys, and he demands more links.  He’s of the thinking that the WWW must ever expand, and it can only do such if the contributors to the web, such as me, add links whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Normally when someone demands anything of me, its fight time, but the last time I took a massive stand against him, he changed my password, and wouldn’t give it back  to me until I apologized.  You know how much I love my blog, and to go without it, and without all of you, well, that was just not fun at all, even if it was only for a day and a half.  Apologizing was a very, very humbling experience I must say, and I don’t want to have to do it again.  So I’ll give it a try, but I promise you, like I told him, I will not saturate this blog with anything I wouldn’t myself have any interest in. 

Before we do any of that though, something has to be said about last week’s post.  For the first time since this blog has been up, over 100 people tuned in to have a read on the first day.  That’s a number I couldn’t even fathom when all this started out.  When I reached 60-70 readers I thought that was the ceiling, but clearly that’s not the case.  I know I had some help too, so for everyone out there that retweeted, shared my link or posted their own link on their Facebook page, or anyone that just grabbed someone on the street and told them old school social networking style where to find my thoughts, thank you.  The levels of my appreciation are unexplainable, and please, continue to spread the gospel.  In exchange I will continue to provide you with a complete reading experience, that is both mentally stimulating, and emotionally moving, while at the same time eccentric, different, cutting edge and maybe, if I can squeak it out, a little bit funny at times.  Continue the promotion people. I’m international, thanks to you.  I’m known, and getting more and more known by the day, because of you.  And this blog, nor the people’s blogger, wouldn’t be anything without all of you.  One more time, thank you, and now let’s try this musings format thing out, and see how it goes…..

I don’t like runny noses, so by association I’m not enjoying this late night cold weather.  The days have been absolutely beautiful but the nights are downright freezing, and I’m not a fan at all...............
Remember that Asian girl I crushed that steak with before I went to Mexico?  Well, I got the “no chemistry” talk the other day.  I’m not buying it personally.  If there is one thing I got and can make, its chemistry.  But it’s all good, she was a sweetheart for using that instead of saying “listen, slightly overweight, average looking at best white guys aren’t my thing, soooooo see ya around?”  I ain’t mad at her though…….. 
Oh, and the D.A. by way of the Bay?  Well, she’s down to one word answers, if she even responds to messages at all.  But that’s cool too, she’s busy people, what with a full-fledged important career and all. And let’s face it, although ours would be a story that movies are made of (no Kevin James would not play me, I’d push for Tom Cruise), it would also require a ton of work.  Shame though, I really would have loved National League baseball, and I’m growing somewhat tired of snow.  The precipitation, not the artist……….  
New goals at the gym, and they are pretty basic.  Get down under 210 by January 1st, (currently 222, WAS 256 first week of May) and then look like Marky Mark by the middle of February.  (Marky Mark circa'91) Complete with throwback White Sox hat…….. 
That reminds me, I got to re-up my supply of Barry Bonds, better do that now before I forget, BRB.  Ok, good, that’s done and on the way………….
This is actually pretty fun, we may keep this format……….
The NBA is back, although I’m having a hard time figuring out who cracked, they are keeping that pretty hush hush.  I wonder if my blog had anything to with it?    Probably………. 
Opening day will be Christmas day, and what a lineup of games.  Not really sure that it’s worth missing out on double time and a half, so I’ll be at work. But still, sometimes I wish I had a family to ignore while I put my feet up and enjoy a triple header on a holiday.  Maybe one day…..…  
Jay and Kanye killed it.  I wasn’t there but it’s all I’ve heard about all week.   What impressed me the most?  No opening act.  That speaks volumes about their catalogue……….
You have got to get one of these computers by the way.  It’s powerful enough, that if I wanted to I could probably blow Switzerland right off the map from my bedroom, although I’m probably just going to use it for YouTube and porn.  Shit, mom, skip that part if your reading this…………. 
My two favorite ladies, Rihanna and Avena Lee, and I can’t even tell you how good they look on this screen………….  
I’m enjoying this shit, hope you are too…….. 
Roger Goodell has really fucked up the NFL, it’s not even the same game anymore.  It’s officiated like an elementary school football game now.  FLAG, FLAG, FLAG. Let these dudes hit already, it’s why we watch damn it.  Well, that and the cheerleaders………. 
Do yourself a favor, go to Boston Pizza, and get yourself a brute, add the Bolognese.  You can thank me later……..
Why did Ryan Reynolds get to play two comic book characters? I know one was DC and the other was Marvel, so they would never cross paths anyway, even if Dead Pool didn’t die, but still…………. When was the last time you actually sat down and listened to Journey’s “don’t stop believing”?  That’s one well written eff’in song…………. 
I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t.  I couldn’t switch from Blackberry to IPhone.  But trust me on something; the new bold 9900 is THE shit.  Not sure if it’s good enough to save RIM, but it’s good enough to get me through until the IPhone 5 drops, maybe I’ll sell out then…….  
J Cole, J Cole, J Cole, J Cole…………….

Wow, you know what? That was a blast.  That format is definitely sticking around.  I’ll sandwich it in between the deep posts, and the rants, but we are keeping it for sure.  Let me know what you thought. busdriva23@slamit.ca   Oh, and another idea the producers had (yeah, it was a long meeting, my OCD was gooooing craaaaazy), they want me to read and maybe promote other blogs out there.  So if you have someone whom you follow, and you think they may be of interest to me, email me their link, and maybe I can send them some “blog love”.  I doubt they have the following I have, so for sure they will appreciate it.  Keep the feedback coming, both good and bad, email me with anything, I’m always looking for topics to spit about, and please and thank you once again, for all the retweets, Facebook shares and word of mouth promoting you guys are doing.  Keep up the good work, I’ll be back next week with a heavy hitter for you, it’s almost done, and yeah, it’s that good.  Now go and hit that share button already………