How could you not forever love them??

Hands down lucylu's and 4eves21 are my all time fav spots to shop!! I think its insane to spend $400+ on a fit, when you can get a dope fit including shoes from either of these spots for $150 or less!! The only splurge ive ever made on a piece of clothing or shoes..where for silver supra skytop which i only wore once and sold them on ebay!! I couldnt splurge on clothes im constanly falling because i have 2 left feet and when i eat i get food everywhere.. Ive only did the second hand shops a few time but the amout you pay for something someone else had their sweaty butt cheeks in you can get from one of these gorg places for the same price! I say American Apparel can suck it because i dont want to go out to a bar looking like i just got out of aerobics class!! I use to adore Urban outfitters but if your not a hipster size negative 0,the clothes look dumb on you!!! Ive honestly wore Forever 21 since high school and will continue to wear it till i cant fit into it anymore!! O wait they make plus sizes now so scratch that!! 4evesilovethesespots!!
La bella