I just threw up!

Ok Lady Ga Ga makes my fuckin skin crawl but pussy mouth makes me wanna instantly vomit when i see him!! Ok i just seen him in Mariah Carey video " Obsessed" and started laughing out loud followed by a lil bit of vomit in my mouth!! His fuckin lips look like a donut covered in cocaine..the yellow kind thats so cut the only thing it does is make you go straight to the bathroom and do number 2.. wait dont get any ideas some one told me thats what it does..!! huh??.. well any way i wanted to blog about him a while back but everytime i went to type in his name my mac book shut down!! mmm hmmm he is a fucking joke to me and has the vocab of a 1st grader! shid i might shid i might be hate'n..haha NOT!! I met him a few yrs back and he was crusty then and jus as fuckin dumb!!

La bella