It's A Mail Bag, Your Feed Back Addressed.......................

We at the BusDrivaChrinicles actually get inundated with a ton of emails.  It’s really quite flattering to be honest, even more so than the page views, or the 4 or 5 times a day that someone says “hey, I read your blog”, or the amount of shares.  Mainly because anyone can read something, that only takes a few minutes, well, I suppose in our case more like 10-12 minutes since I do have a tendency to go on and on. But for someone to actually sit down and write some sort of correspondence or to ask me a question, that’s really more of a measuring stick as far as impact and importance, in my mind anyway.  So we are going to kick of the New Year with a handful of emails we’ve gotten, just because we haven’t done this in a while, and the mailbox was pretty full.  I also like these because it’s a good chance for you to get to know me a little bit better personally, and to be fair, I’m really pretty awesome, so who wouldn’t want to do that, right?  As is the case whenever I do a mailbag, I’ll empty out the inbox, and start over.   So keep the feedback, questions and suggestions coming, and if you didn’t make this month’s mailbag, be adamant, maybe you’ll make next months.  Happy New Year, stick to those resolutions, enjoy the mail, and we shall see you next week.

Hey Busdriva, it’s been about a year or so since I’ve talked with you, and I really need one of those 2 hour long coffee and baseball chats we used to have sometime soon.  Since you don’t answer your phone, I thought I’d email you here, and ask what your thoughts are on the Blue Jays next year, I really thought that we were going to get Darvish, and was hoping on Prince Fielder, which would have proved they were serious about contending, what are your thoughts? Predictions?

Haha, hey buddy, I know I’m horrible at answering phones and returning calls, that’s my bad, and yeah, we will set something up soon, hopefully.  Now, Anthopolous and company are still branding 2012 as another rebuilding year, with 2013 being the season they start to make a push.  Which was the game plan all along.  And yes a commitment like Darvish and Fielder would have definitely showed a different plan altogether, but the reality of the Darvish situation is this, 50 million just to have the rights to negotiate with someone?  That’s really kind of silly, especially someone who has never played Major League baseball.  Now he could very well turn out to be the next Daisuke Matsuzaka, but he could also turn out to be the next guy you never heard of because he never made it out of the minor leagues.  Also, his handlers have made serious mention of the fact that IF he does decide to play MLB, he will insist on playing only on the west coast, so he can be as close as possible to his home land, Japan.  He sounds like a Prima Donna already if you ask me.  And as far as Prince Fielder goes, I’m not going to lie to you, thinking about him in this order, giving Bautista protection, actually makes me a little erect.  But again, the reality of it is, he wants x amount of money, for 10 years.  And I’ve never been a fan of the ten year contract, especially for someone in Fielders shape.  I have no doubt that had he wanted 5 years, the Jays would have opened the wallet and given him however much he wanted, because buying Bautista more fastballs is in fact priceless, but Bautista didn’t get a ten year, and he’s the franchise player, so by association, no one will.  Fuck that would be nice though.  As for a prediction, AA can tell us it’s going to be whatever kind of year he wants to tell us it’s going to be.  But I honestly think, with the all the turmoil in Boston, and the Yankees just getting older every year, with the team that Toronto has, they are going to make a lot of noise this season, and if they add that new wild card spot in 2012, like they want to do, the playoffs are a no brainer. This lineup is young, talented and mostly signed to be together for a long time, and the next 5 years or so are going to be a good time for Blue Jays baseball fans.

So I read the article on Rob Ford, and I have to say, I agree with everything you wrote, but aren’t you afraid of repercussions, seeing as he is the Mayor of Toronto, and you technically work for him, being a city of Toronto employee?

Well, to be honest there isn’t really a “technically” about it, he is the Mayor, but I wouldn’t say I work “for” him.   There are a lot of channels between him and I, and I doubt he would be willing to go through them to get to me.  With that said I did think about that, and had a talk with the Executive Producer of our beloved site, and he went on to explain to me this freedom of speech thing, whereas, basically, I’m pretty much aloud to say anything I want to say and express whatever opinions I may have, as long as I’m not making radical shit up with the intent to defame anyone, especially anyone with political clout if you will.  I tried to back all of my points up with either statistics or logical reason, and I feel I did a fair job of such, and even the slight jabs I threw in here and there aren’t exactly without merit, but are hardly defamation worthy.  But whatever the case, I know a really good lawyer, and she’s fucking hot as hell too.  She may have to touch up on her international laws to come save my ass, but that shouldn’t be an issue, besides a visit is a visit right?

Hey, if you had a dream come true, who would be in bed with you?  Nicki Minaj or Rihanna?

I love this question.  Ok, let’s see.  Neither to be honest.  If I had a dream come true, it would be both Nicki Minaj AND Rihanna, and we wouldn’t be in bed.  We would be in a hot tub, right beside the bed.  The bed would be occupied by Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and since I can’t remember the third member of Destiny’s Child, we will just sub in Keri Hilson.  Taylor Swift would be there too, she would be whipping around in a pair of roller blades bringing us all refreshments and fresh fruit.  And for good measure, Rachael Ray would be in the kitchen in lingerie, cooking her god damn ass off.  I dream big my friend.

Here’s what I’d like to know, if you hate your job so much, why don’t you just quit?  There are a lot of people out there, like myself, that would love to make a hundred thousand dollars a year, but don’t have the requirements to do it.  You have a pretty easy job I would say, yet all you do is bitch because you think everyone is stupid. 

Yeah, for those of you that didn’t think so, I get hate mail too, I can’t complain, its par for the course.  And I really thought this needed addressing.  First off all, and to make sure I will go back and check, I’m positive I never said I hated my job.  In fact, I actually love my job, ask anyone, they will tell you that much.  Secondly, I wish I did, but I most assuredly don’t, make a hundred grand a year.  There are indeed a handful of us that do, but between you and me, I don’t have the kind of work ethic needed to put that much time in, and personally I find it pretty damn ridiculous anyway.  And what requirements do I have that you don’t have? I have a license, and can somewhat communicate coherently, and as long as you do and can as well, then go apply and come aboard.  It’s that simple.  As for your last comment, writing about bad scenarios is a lot more appealing than writing about good scenarios, no one wants to hear me talk about nice old ladies that bring me muffins, that just doesn’t make good fodder.  And most people aren’t stupid, they are ignorant, there’s a big difference.  Ignorance is a lack of information, and I’m patient, most of the time with these people.  Stupidity is the ability to learn, with the appropriate information available, but refusing to understand and apply said information.  Those are the people I can’t stand and bitch about.  Oh, and for the record, the stupid people make the blog, as is clearly the case here.

The NBA is back, who’s going to win it all this season? And are you on the LeBron/Miami Heat bandwagon yet?  If not you will be soon.

LeBron first.  No I’m not, nor will I ever be on that bandwagon my friend.  Even before the Decision fiasco, I wasn’t a LeBron fan, never have been really.  But I think the defining moment in my thoughts about LeBron were solidified after the Celtics dismissed the Cavs in the playoffs that year.  LeBron didn’t even get off the court and he was tearing his jersey off as if to say, thank god my time with this team, HIS home town team BTW, is finally over.  It was a classless move, and proved that given athletic ability aside, James is nothing more than a heartless overrated scrub who could have been the next best thing, but now can’t get old and retire soon enough.  Since that day everything he has said and done has done nothing but prove this, over and over again.  As for a prediction, ok, well, my thinking is, due to a lack of training camp, two game preseason, and condensed schedule, this season will belong to young teams who have had their nucleus intact for a little while now.   I won’t get into division’s here, that’s too much, we will leave that to sports illustrated and ESPN, but I’ll call this, Chicago Bulls vs. Oklahoma City in the finals.  Both teams have solid young athletic cores, and showcase 2 if not three of the best players in the league, depending on how you rate Russell Westbrook, and how well he plays Robin to Kevin Durant’s Batman.  I’ll also say that the Heat will win 50 plus games this year, but just won’t have enough in the tank come playoffs, and the Raptors will be lucky to make it to 20 wins.  Kevin Durant will win the scoring title, Kemba Walker will win Rookie of the year, and Durant will be the MVP as well.  If the BusDriva said it, bet on it, but I want my ten points if you win.

Were you really reading an article on “the strange existence of anti-matter and its radical imbalance as a cosmic constituent”, and if so, how do you find this stuff?

Haha, yeah I was, I’m not going to lie to you, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but remember, reading is reading, and your brain is a muscle too, it requires exercise, just like every other muscle in your body.  How did I find it?  Well, to understand that means you’ll have to understand my routine.  The first thing I do every afternoon when I fall out of bed, is go and pour me the hugest cup of coffee that you can imagine, then I sit down in front of the computer, queue up a somewhat random playlist on YouTube and begin scouring the internet for my daily reads.   I start with the sports pages, obviously, and then I hit the news.  Mostly local and primarily TTC related first, then on to some west coast California stuff, just to stay in the know.  Just in case I happen to find myself conversing with anyone out there. It doesn’t really happen to be honest, but maybe it will one day, and I’ll be prepared, and like my old boss at The Keg used to say, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”.   When I’m caught up on my news and sports, I hit the main sites, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for whatever is trending, which is where I actually find the craziest stories, like the article in question.  I read them all, even if they are over my head, and retain what I can.  You would be surprised at how much I recall in daily conversation, it’s actually really cool.  I blow a lot of people’s minds with the useless shit I have stored up there.  It doesn’t exactly get the broads, but it does come in pretty handy with the crosswords.

So you drive a bus for what, 8 hours straight every night?   How do you do it?  I’d probably go insane just driving back and forth constantly like that.

Sometimes more than eight hours, actually, and sometimes less, and to be fair, I wasn’t exactly sane when I started this job some four years ago.  But I suppose growing up as an only child (that explains a lot doesn’t it) with an overly active imagination comes in really handy out there.  I just drift off into LA LA land and daydream a lot.  Driving is pretty much second nature at this point, and doesn’t require a whole lot of attention, especially when you do the same route all the time like I tend to do.  OCD actually helps as well, I’m always supposed to be in the same place at the same time every day, and subconsciously that keeps me focused on the task at hand.  Also remember there are constantly people coming on and off the bus, so if I get bored I just strike up a conversation with someone.  Sometimes I regret that though, because sometimes I start to talk to someone that has absolutely nothing to do, and now we are apparently pals, and they just ride with me all night long.  Other than that, I whistle, sometimes even sing (shhh), hit on chicks, and plan blogs.  Sadly the planning of the blogs are the only one I’m really any good at, but oh well, such is life.  Usually at the end of the trip you get a few minutes to stretch and work on a crossword or something, or you bump into another bus driver and chew the proverbial fat for a few minutes.  The nights usually go by quite quickly to be honest.  I mean sometimes they are nightmares, and never seem to end, but every job has that, right?   More often than not though, pretty seamless and smooth, as long as you can keep yourself entertained, of which I have no problem really.