Lovin' Bloggin'

I am officially a blogger...and quite frankly, a little overwhelmed!

I'm super excited to be trying out my first hand at blogging! I hope that I can build up my blog to be everything I imagined, and that fellow bloggers out there find it useful and enjoy it as much as I do :) I'm VERY new to the whole thing so this whole blog is an experiment. I'm hoping to get a feel for the whole blog process, what I actually want to be blogging, and how to make it look the way I want it to and say the things I want it to! I want others to find an interest in my blog and find it useful and helpful! I am now a painfully busy college student, consumed with studying, work, and extra-curriculars that limit my creative juices! This blog is to get that creativity started, so that hopefully very soon, I can put a great blog out there for my family and friends and anyone else who is curious :)

 So....let me tell you a little bit about myself:

This is me!

Camping at Devils Lake!
My parents :)

In a nutshell:

I grew up in Northwestern Wisconsin in a small town called Altoona. I went to the local high school and was involved in everything from volleyball, basketball, track, choir, show choir, and student council. I loved growing up there, but was very eager to leave and start the next chapter in my life! I am now studying in New Ulm, MN at Martin Luther College. It is a WELS (Wisconsin Lutheran Synod) college that specifies in teaching young adults to become Pastors, Teachers, and Staff Ministers in the WELS Synod. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember! I couldn't think of any better way than to study how to teach and share God's word with children. I am a sophomore, but plan on graduating a semester early in December of 2013!!! I play volleyball for MLC. I still have that competitive athlete in me and I couldn't imagine myself completely quitting sports when I got to college!
But besides all of this, there is one main things that you must know about me: God has and always will be number one in my life. I was dead in my sin, and he sent is son, Jesus, to take away every one of those imperfections to give me everlasting life. He not only helps me in this life, but leads me to everlasting paradise in the next! It's a pretty awesome thing! :)

New Years 2012
Picnic at Lake Michigan in Chicago!

Christmas tree in Chicago :)
I have fallen deeply in love with the man I know I want to someday spend the rest of my life with. Josh is studying to be a WELS Pastor and is in his first year at the Seminary in Mequon, WI. We met last year up in New Ulm at MLC; he was a senior and I a freshman. I never expected him to come into my life, but I have never been so happy about something so unexpected :)
I am an aspiring "do-it-yourselfer," cook, decorator, party planner, and anything and everything in between! I'd like to think that I was a bit of a pioneer in the Pinterest world ;) I started earlier this summer, and once I got back to school and told my friends about it, it spread like wildfire across my small campus in New Ulm, MN. One of my New Years resolutions was to actually do some of the things I pinned other than cool ways to paint my nails! I know I have a crafty side, and I REALLY want to bring that out!!

So this blog is just that, I hope it will turn into something that I can get my creative juices flowing, and inspire others to do the same! Until next time...

Love always,