A Weekend Re-cap! ...On Thursday!

I've been a little MIA again this past week, sorry!
I have a very valid excuse though.
For the past 3 summers my boyfriend Josh goes up to Alaska to Salmon Fish
Yea, it's like deadliest catch stuff...

It's not nearly as dangerous. They are in southern Alaska by Ketchikan where the waters are much better than the Bering Sea!

So this past 10 days I have been down at his parents house spending time with him :)
Last summer was our first summer together as a couple, and the first time we experienced the separation of 3 time zones! This summer has been a lot easier so far, but it's still tough when he is out on the boat and at some points I don't talk to him for 2 weeks. ROUGH!
I would love your prayers to keep me strong and to keep Josh safe while he is fishing! Thank you so much :)

We had some fun with our last few days together. We went to Milwaukee, saw Lake Michigan, and went to a Brewers game. They won! (for once..), and then hit up the Milwaukee Zoo!
I'll let the pictures do the rest :)

God's creation blows me away...

Miller Park!

For those of you not from Wisconsin, or don't know. Miller Park has a crazy awesome retractable roof!

On Monday, we enjoyed the Milwaukee Zoo before Josh's flight that evening :)

We had a little photo shoot :)
I nabbed this awesome Lauren Conrad dress from Kohls for $20! Isn't it precious?!




Happy Thursday!

Much love,