The lovely weekend is here, and I am very thankful :)
God has greatly blessed me this week with::
Time to relax, the motivation to eat healthy, time to celebrate my parents and grandparents anniversary, the ability to start working my summer job, gorgeous weather, girl time with my mommy, and time with one of my good friends.
I'd say this was a fabulous week!

Now time to dump all of my Instagram photos on you...including my JUNE photo-a-day pictures!

Day 1: Morning

Day 2: Empty
{Tailgating at the Brewer game!}

Day 3: On your plate
{Josh's going away dinner}

Day 4: Close-up
{The pretty color and pattern of my new dress}

Day 5: Sign
{Lunch with my mom...we're addicted to Panera}

Day 6: Hat

Day 7: Drink
{Water from Panera. Told ya there's an addiction here!}

Other photos from the week::
Lake Michigan//Brewers game//Josh and I were undefeated Bags champions!//Giraffe at the Milwaukee Zoo//National Runners Day//Making a change and tracking all of the food I eat//My fave salad from Panera//Got my toes painted with my mamma//The beautiful 5:30 am sunrise :)

Have an amazing weekend!

Much love,

life rearranged