Inward Beauty.

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I love Psalms.
Such beautiful poetry.
Such beautiful and saving meaning.

I just wanted to give you gals out there a reminder that:
The KING is enthralled with your beauty.

This beauty is not outward.
it is the inward beauty that the Holy Spirit has created in you.
The faith that you possess in your heart is all the beauty you will ever need to possess.

You are a spotless beauty, a pure beauty, a righteous beauty.
All because God gave you the faith to believe.
The faith to believe in the one who took away that darkness of sin, and made you pure and holy in His sight.

Remember this weekend,
The King is enthralled with your beauty.

Honor God and praise him and your words and actions,
thanking him for the priceless, inward beauty that he has given you!

Much love,