Bachelorette Ep. 5 "Rants and Raves"

What an episode last night, huh?!
Seriously, one of the best episodes to date in Bachelorette history in my opinion!

After last night, I decided that since I am a "religious" Bachelorette/Bachelor watcher, I should do a Rants and Raves re-cap on Tuesdays on the blog!
So here I am, about to lay out my opinions on this drama filled episode :)

Here's the episode run down::
Emily and her men were in London, England!
Sean went on one adorable date (so I've heard. A little late start watching) He get's a rose :)

Group date: Guys act out Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (Arie was adorable, Ryan made me wanna puke)

Things go down later that night. Kalon says Rickie is "baggage"
Emily let's her mama bear out (You go girl!)
See ya never Kalon! No rose given
Jef's date! (This guy is starting to give Arie a run for his money in my opinion) Jef gets a rose 


Rose ceremony: Emily grills the guys about not telling her about Kalon (a little dramatic in my opinion) then sends Alejandro packin'

Can I just lay it out there that I think Doug is extremely annoying?!
Yes you have a son, we get it.
No, we don't really care to hear about him anymore.
Stop thinking you're wise because you're older...
You're oversensitive and full of yourself.
Rant done.
Oh yeah, you bother me to no end.
Rant officially done.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.
I'll admit. You used to be in my "top three" 
Those days are long gone.
Emily is not a "Trophy" she would be your wife. Not both together.
Get over yourself. You're not that attractive and you have really bad hair!
Take the scarf off.
Rant done.

Kalon. You're the baggage. I think Emily needed to send more than one guy home. Get rid of more guys!!

Emily. Why were you so hard on Arie?! You made him feel way worse then he needed to.

Emily, what were you expecting? The guys only had the chance to tell you about Kalon at the group date. Were they all supposed to come to you at once?!

I'm annoyed that Doug was the one that told her. He is no good.


I am LOVING Jef. His Chloe hand bag analogy about Ricky was the cutest thing ever.
Jef is such a cute conversationalist, he's very sincere and sweet, and he is definitely the best dressed in the house!

Emily is amazing this season!
Brad's season I thought she was a little too quiet and under spoken.
This season she is really grilling these guys and weeding out the bad.
LOVED how she got all "West Virginia, hood-rat" on Kalon and stood up for Rickie.
Hands down, Emily is one gorgeous and classy woman inside and out :)

And, my last rave.
Even though Jef and Sean are close behind...
Arie is still my number one!
He is so so sweet.
A little dorky.
A racer!
And VERY attractive.
Can you say tall, dark and handsome?! :)

Can't wait to watch Emily and the men travel to Croatia next week!
Should be good :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday ladies!

Much love,