Around The Way Girls 2

In the next part of my book, it talks about two teenagers named Danada and Diamond. They are 14 and 15 in high school and get caught up in the gang life. They have abrutal initiation in which they get raped by 3 men. However, the girls accept it and have to prove that they are willing to be down with the gang. So they have to rob a single mother and her children. The regular job in the gang is carjacking. They make alot of money from this and are able to afford luxurious thimgs that they're parents could never get for them. After the gang rape that Diamond experienced she gets pregnant by the leader. She finds out in the hospital at 5 months because she sees that she has picked up some weight. Diamond has her baby and her evil mother Rhonda tries to jeoparadize its help and gave it a foster home. In the end , everything works out well for Diamond. She gets her baby back, goes back to high school and lives with her loving aunt. Oh and her friend Danada was killed on impact in a car crash.