Around The Way Girls 1

Nina has found out that her new "boo thing" is also dating her arch enemy. This isn't the first time that the two have been with the same man at the same time. So as you can imagine Nina is heated right now and can't go to her friend Rochelle about the situation. She can't go to Rochelle because Mercedes is Rochelle's lover ! However, Nina goes to her friend Mariah sometimes when she's in a predicament like this. Mariah reassures her of all the good things that Nina has going on for her and that she shouldn't stoop down to Mercedes' level. Back to Nina's love life. Right now , she is legally married to a man named Mouse. He owns a club and sometimes sleeps around with the women that work there. Nina is married but she also has a man on the side that plays basketball. He and Nina met one night when she was on the job and the two had an immediate attraction towards one another. They haven't seen each other since that  night but they have talked everyday since. That's pretty much all I've read about today.