3 Cheers For:: The Android Instagram App!! :)

After months of iPhone envy...
Being on the outside of the monthly photo challenges...
And wishing I could tweet cute, edited pictures...

There is now Instagram for Android!!
I love my Android, and the only reason I actually coveted iPhone's was because I wanted the Instagram app!
You can follow me by clicking the Instagram button under the "FOLLOW ME!" tab to your right :)

Here's some of the pictures I have been editing so far on Instagram! :)

Welcome to Instagram!

My Love :)

My "sock bun do" :)

Tilapia for lunch. Sooo yummy!

My poo poo butt :) {otherwise known as Annie, the Miniature Schnauzer}

ICED coffee on a warm Spring day :)

Spring Tulips in my parents garden :)

Make sure you come on over and follow me! :)

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