The Love of Easter

I really think that Valentine's Day shouldn't be seen as the ultimate celebration of "love"
Exchanging flowers, cards, and chocolate, sharing hugs and kisses, showing our loved ones here on earth how much we love them--these things are all forms of temporary, earthly love. Our love is ridiculously insignificant compared to the one true love of the earth.

So do you know what date should be the ultimate celebration of love?
You probably guessed it...!
Of course you guessed it :)

EASTER of course!

Christ died, then rose again. Taking the the entire world's sin upon himself and conquering it.
Why would he do this?

Because he loves us. wide and long 
and high and deep 
is the love of Christ
Ephesians 3:18

Christ's love is incomprehensible.
No love is greater.
We have eternal life because he put to the side his glorious self, humbling himself, making himself into the nature of man. He died on the cross, and by his blood, washed away all of our sin and guilt. And because he was still an almighty and powerful God, 3 days later he conquered death and rose from the grave on that first Easter morning.

Easter is truly a celebration of love.
His arms spread out on the cross showed the immeasurable love and sacrifice of your Savior.
Let's praise and thank him for the love he has shown us on this Good Friday!

Here's an awesome worship song by Andy Cherry. It has such an awesome message about the amazing love of our God and what he's done for us! 

Rise with a shout, cry out, our God's alive!

"He alone can save us
He will not forsake us
He remains forever,
Our savior"