The Little "Roses" In Life.

"Stop and smell the the roses..."

We have all heard this saying and have applied it to numerous situations and times in our lives. Maybe you did stop to smell the gorgeous roses in your garden that you spent hours toiling over. Or you stopped at the flower section of the grocery store to take a moment and look at something eye appealing as you rush through the aisles getting what you need for dinner. Or maybe, these "roses" weren't flowers, but simply little joys of everyday life. The sunny morning God has blessed you with on your morning commute to work, the sweet message that you received from a friend, the wonderful dinner that you made, the ability to run jump and be active, or maybe even having some quiet time to yourself. 
Far too many times we don't step back and "smell the roses" in our lives. They tend to become little things that pass away; that aren't appreciated and enjoyed!

So here's the challenge:
This past week I wrote down three inspirational quotes. Quotes that reminded me to stop and thank God for the little moments in my lifeto be classy and walk with poise, and be reminded that I am beautiful in more ways than I sometimes believe.

I put these quotes at places were I would see them throughout the week. My Car, my daily planner, and my mirror. Every time I saw these quotes, I was able to stop and "smell the roses" in my life. 

Time truly does fly by. It was just over a year ago that I started college and began my process of becoming an adult and growing up. I am becoming my own, finding myself, learning and growing in my faith, and becoming the woman I always wanted to be. It seems like just yesterday I was a Senior in High School, scared out of mind about my future, and now in the blink of an eye I am living the future I always dreamed about! I've realized more and more how blessed I am and how God is guiding me down a wonderful path in my life. Because time is so fleeting, it's so important to take advantage of the "roses" in our lives and stop and give them our attention every once in a while :)

Now it's your turn!
Write down a few quotes that inspire you to stop and take a moment to learn, reflect, be reminded, and to thank God for everything in your life. It's amazing how a little post-it could give you that little boost that you need in your day!

I got this idea from this fabulous blog! It is a weekly link-up that has a new "challenge" every week. Go over and check it out, and link-up your post on ways that you "stopped and smelled the roses" this week :)
Lovely Little Things