A Lovely Weekend.

Hey there all :)
I hope you guys had a fantastic finish to your week and an awesome weekend!
My weekend was awesome, eventful, relaxing, and productive. Great weekend, right?! RIGHT!

So before I fill you in on what fun I was having this weekend, I just want to give you lovely ladies a heads up. 
This girl is CRAZY busy with school at the moment.
These last 5 weeks of the semester are going to be crazy busy, and a little stressful. So I am regretfully letting you know that my schoolwork may take precedence over the blogging world. SAD, RIGHT?! I have to be responsible and put my future at top priority some times...
I'll try to make some posts here and there...I can't completely cut myself off! :)

It was a night of class on campus! No...not sit in a chair and listen to a lecture kind of class, but the getting all spiffed up, putting a pretty dress on, and looking classy kind of night!
There was an event held on campus called "Puttin On The Ritz"
A night full of classy dressing and playing poker and other games (fake money of course!)
It's fun to get all glammed up once in a while :)

The roomie and I :)

And my future roomie for next year, Megan!
So excited to be living with her next year :)

I was so busy with school, I wasn't able to run ALL week! So Saturday morning Linda and I went for a nice long run. MUCH NEEDED.
Then we decided to get out of town and do a little shopping and indulge in some coffee and dessert from Olive Garden :)

Isn't this picture adorable? :)
The trees on campus are so gorgeous during the spring time!

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake and the best coffee around!

And as usual, the life of a college student involves endless amounts of homework on Sunday afternoons. I'm about to get to it and be super productive today. Wish me luck!
I hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend! Did you do anything fun?! I wanna know! :)

God's blessings on the start of your new week!