Hey There, April!

Oh April, it is so nice to see that you have arrived. I greet you with open and loving arms! You came quickly, and I could not be more thankful you were speedy in your arrival!
I've decided that to celebrate your arrival I will be saying goodbye to the past and hello to what you have in store for me these next 30 days :)

Goodbye March; Hello April
Goodbye snow storms; Hello rain showers
Goodbye Winter; Hello Spring
Goodbye 4-leaf clovers; Hello Easter Eggs
Goodbye mid-terms; Hello finals 
{the school year is almost over!}
Goodbye jeans and sweaters: Hello shorts and dresses
Goodbye Uggs; Hello flip-flops
Goodbye black; Hello pink, yellow, purple, red, blue!
Goodbye turning the heat on; Hello to rolling down the windows 
{...and cranking the radio up!}
Goodbye running on the treadmill; Hello to running outside
Goodbye un-healthy eating habits; Hello to a new healthy lifestyle
{Get read for a new me!}
Goodbye bare nails; Hello pretty painted nails
Goodbye fair skin; Hello tanning bed
{So unhealthy, yet so necessary}
Goodbye dull, dark hair; Hello bombshell summer blonde hair
Goodbye procrastination; Hello determination
Goodbye insecurity; Hello confidence

What about March are you saying goodbye to, and what about April are you warmly welcoming?! :)

The idea for this blog post came came from the lovely Elease at the little lovebirds