3 Things on a Tuesday.

So we're gonna get a little all over the place, crazy and random on the blog today. I promise there's some good stuff in this post...like amazing wedding photography at the end!
Just stick around!
Are we okay with that? I hope so :)

On Friday I hit the road to visit Josh for the weekend.
We're talking a 7 hour drive here...talk about love and dedication!
So of course, me being the antsy, impatient, forever on the move kinda girl, by hour 5 I was really getting impatient and was wishing I could just hit the gas until 100mph and get there sooner!

I have a confession to share with you lovely readers.
 I have a lot of "guilty pleasure songs"
And it just so happens that two of them came on the radio as I was driving.
This may have resulted in singing at the top of my lungs and some awesome "in the car" dance moves...oh yeah, this happened!

Here are my admitted "dance and sing like crazy in the car" songs from this past Friday's road trip :)

Justin Bieber Boyfriend

Madonna Like a Prayer

In other news...
You may or may not know. My boyfriend Josh graduated from college last spring, and went on to four more years of college to become a pastor! In 3 weeks he will have his first of four years under his belt, and I could not be more proud.
This weekend, he had the opportunity to preach his first sermon for a congregation!
Let me tell you...I knew that he would do well, but I did not know he would be THAT GOOD. He blew me away, and had my attention the entire time. He was so engaging, had a wonderful message, and was such a wonderful minister of the Gospel. I'm so very excited to see how God will use Josh in his future ministry!
Such a proud girlfriend right here! :)

Before his Saturday night service :)

Third thing

One of my friends from High School has become quite the photographer.
Her name is Sarah; and she has a fabulous photography business called Se Young Photography. She is a wonderful God-fearing young woman with a passion for travel, photography, and all things fabulous and artsy. She is gorgeous inside AND out! God has blessed her with such talent!
She is going to school in Minneapolis, MN. So if you are planning a wedding in this area you HAVE to check her out. She is amazing. And her services are such an amazing deal! Wedding photographers are so ridiculously expensive these days. Seriously, some photographers can get up to $5,000?!?! That is crazy!
 I am obsessing over a wedding that she photographed this past weekend. 

It also makes it that much better when she is photographing a young couple who also share in a love for the Lord. I'm loving the picture of the groom reading scripture and praying before he marries his bride!


Aren't these fabulous?!
You want to see more...don't you?! :)
Well, Sarah also documented this couples engagement! This young man proposed to his bride with his own original "flash mob." Here are the lovely photos that captured the moment!

You have to admit. These are some great photos!
I hope you stuck through this post and enjoyed. I told you there was some good stuff! :)

I hope you all are having a lovely and blessed Tuesday!

Much love,