Spring Fling Swap Package!


Last week Thursday, this lovely package arrived in my mail box!

My Spring Fling Swap Package!!!

I was paired with the lovely Chelsea
I could not be more thankful that I was paired with her!
She is one wonderful young woman and I am so glad that I was able to get to know her through this swap :)

Let me tell you...she gave me one heck of a package!
Here's what was inside::

DSC01836.jpg DSC01836

Every package was to include Flip-Flops! Here are the super cute ones Chelsea sent me :)
And yes...there are sparkles all over my feet. How they got there, I'm not quite sure! haha

Chelsea Tweeted about making "cake in a cup" one night, so I jokingly tweeted to her that she should send it to me in her package! Well....she did! So excited to make it :)

A lovely nail polish in the turqoise shade that I've been dying to get. And an adorable bird nail file :)

SOOO excited about this part of the package. A monogrammed vintage coffee cup from Anthropologie. I am literally in love with it!!

Two books! Sense and Sensibility and Sam's Letter's to Jennifer


JAVA! She knows the way to my heart :)

And last but not least, an adorable hair clip! I wore it in my hair the other day :)


Thank you so much Chelsea! I loved every single thing, and I'm so glad that I got to know you through this swap! :)

And thank you to Erin and L for hosting this genius idea!
Head on over to either one of their blogs and check out what the other ladies who were involved got in their packages!

Happy Weekend Loves!

Much love,