May Sponsor Love

One of my motto's in life::

"Better late than never!"

And this motto is no exception when it comes to my May Sponsors!
Let's just say that I've saved the best for last!
Golly, I'm just full of cliche sayings tonight?! 

Anyways, there are some crazy cool ladies that I have Swap Sponsored with this month, and it would make me so very happy if you stopped by their blog and said hey. TRUST ME, they are FABULOUS! :)
So, without further adieu, here are my May Sponsor ladies!

Elizabeth from Fearless and Frugal

{About Me} Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a 20-something recent college grad getting ready to start grad school. I love writing, trying new things and saving money (who doesn’t, right?) I’m obsessed with organizing, drinking coffee and listening to country music. I have a new found love for the outdoors, old movies, crafting and cooking. I’m a yoga enthusiast and have just recently started Pilates (which I love!).

{About My Blog} After the summer of 2011 I found myself with an overwhelming number of credits to take my final year of college so I had to quit my job of 2+ years. Although I had spent my entire summer working and taking classes, I still found time to shop, vacation and spend way too much money. At the end of the summer I was hit with a wake up call -- despite all the hours I had put in at work, my bank account was devastatingly low. I realized I couldn't spend like I had been any longer.

Now I’m finding it more important than ever to save money. I thought that by starting my blog, I could share my tips and tricks I've developed and learned along the way to help others who were living on a budget, or just trying to save a buck or two here and there! I am by no means an expert (I'm studying history and then going on to grad school to be a teacher), but I have developed and adapted a lot of tricks that work for me. I also want to offer a few health, beauty, fitness and other tips as well! Come visit me at Fearless & Frugal! :)

Leigh Anne from Hart to Heart

Hello Readers! I'm Leigh Anne from Hart to Heart and I am so happy to be swapping with Rachel this month. I started blogging in February of this year as a way to pass time during my husbands deployment to Afghanistan. I never thought that blogging would open so many doors as well as allow me to develop so many new friendships. Needless to say, I love blogging! I have a passion for fitness and I am perusing my certification in personal training. I also am in the homestretch of my undergrad degree in Liberal Arts; graduation is less than 2 months away! When I catch a free moment between blogging, working out, studying and spending time with my family I also run an Etsy shop Hart to Heart Designs! Come on over to my blog and learn a little about, me, living in Alaska, being an Army wife, my dog that acts like a cat, and my passion for fitness! I can't wait to meet you! 

Leigh Anne

Megan from and today was a fairytale


hey sweet thang, i'm megan! i live in the sunshine state, but hail from the great state of 
OH-IO! i'm a wife to the most handsome man in the world, and an auntie to the cutest little girl alive. i'm a student at the university of central florida and will graduate in december! the most important thing about me is Jesus. He's the man. He's turns my grey skys blue and makes my life better. i live on the beach, it's actually my back yard. if i could, i'd just live on a shack there for the rest of my life. i love all things cleveland sports, and tend to be the loudest one in the group. i'm in love with photography and hope one day it will be more than just a hobby. my blog is about my little life and i would really love to be friends, so come say hi!

Plans for the weekend?
Love from fl,
 So there ya have it! I try to never disappoint, so I hope you find them as awesome as I do!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Much love,