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It’s time to crack open the inbox and address a few letters from the adoring public.  Your feedback and expectations, as well as Eli’s pestering, are really what keep me going and motivate me to consistently update this blog.   Keep the mail coming, both love and hate (I need them both), and maybe one day you’ll see your mail posted here.  Without further ado, let’s open the mailbag…………………….

Hey BusDriva, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on everybody’s favorite mayor being caught on tape eating KFC while supposedly dieting, and him being chastised in the news about not going to the Pride parade?  Everyone loves it when you let him have it! So, let him have it.......
I was actually trying to find a way to do a post about this very situation, but couldn’t find the time to get it in.  Truthfully, and even more so, surprisingly, I’m going to have to side with the defense on this one.   The former is just another example of a hypocritical fame seeker running to the media with her unnecessary two cents, in the hopes of getting “famous” for about 10 seconds.  But I have a question for her.  If KFC is so bad for someone like the Mayor to eat, why the hell then is she admittingly feeding it to her 2 year old son, in the very car she is shooting the video from, at 9:30 at night of all times?  I’ll tell you why, because it’s called fast food for a reason.  She was crazy busy that day doing whatever she had to do, and didn’t get a chance to prepare a nutritious meal for her infant son, so she made the decision that, regardless of how unhealthy it is, they are going to eat fried chicken for dinner late that night, because that’s all she really had time to do.  Here’s where the hypocrisy comes into play, because guess what?  The Mayor was probably doing the same god damn thing!  Diet or no diet, sometimes you just have to eat something, anything, especially when you’re a busy man (which the Mayor tends to lead people to believe he is)  Sometimes the only thing at your avail is KFC, regardless of whether that’s what you want to eat or not.  And you want to know something else, sometimes you just want to eat some fucking KFC, because the shit tastes good.  And yeah, you’ve been on a diet for some time now, and trying to lose weight, but in reality salad and plain chicken breast tastes disgusting and you need a treat, or a reward of sorts, and there is no reason, regardless of who you are, or your title, that you, as a man (or woman) shouldn’t be able to eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat it.  And now I ask my favorite question, this is news?  Really?  The star just didn’t have anything else to report that day?  Hmmm…   Slow day in the streets I suppose.

And now for the latter point, Mayor Rob Ford is skipping Gay Pride day again this year, and he’s open, for some reason, to scrutiny from the public because of it.  Did he say publicly, that he just doesn’t want to go and party with a bunch of light foots?  No, he said every Canada Day he takes his wife and kids up to the cottage and spends time with them there, every year.  He has done this for a while, as a family tradition of sorts.  The media turns around and say’s “He’s the first Mayor since amalgamation to not attend this function”.  Annnnnnd???  Here’s a couple things; 1. Yes, its Gay Pride day, and they have a little parade, and everyone is all dressed up and about as flamboyant as flamboyant can be, but is every homosexual or lesbian obligated by their sexual orientation to attend, regardless of their lives and schedules?  No, it’s completely voluntary.  So how then would anyone rationally expect a straight man (in this case the Mayor) to skip his long standing family tradition to attend a fully voluntary gathering that for all intents and purposes he doesn’t even really belong at?   And 2.  I can almost assure you that both the promoters and revelers of said celebration probably don’t mind (or even care for that matter) that he is absent.  He would stand out there about as much as I stand out when I go to Pacific Mall.  So if the Mayor is busy, and the gay and lesbian communities don’t care, who’s turning this non-issue into an issue?  Ah, the media again, trying to kick up dust on a paved street.  Primarily because they know there are more than a handful of people out there with nothing better to do then get up on their soap box and bellow the chords of whatever tom-foolery they are selling in today’s edition.  “Headline; Straight man not attending Gay Parade”…………   Jesus Christ.  Seriously, this is news?  Some people just don’t have a clue what’s going on in the world, if this is in fact news worthy to them.  Some people really need to open their eyes.
Good call on predicting the Raptors win loss record this year, but I’m not quite sure if your other predictions for the NBA are going to pan out.  Care to make any amendments?  Oh, and the Blue Jays don’t seem to be as hot as you thought either, do they?   Thoughts on the playoffs (NBA) and the MLB season so far?

The Rap’s won 23 games.  I believe I said 20-22, so I was off, but not by much, and I guess by definition you can now call them overachievers.  I’m still disgusted by the fact that this organization continually insults my intelligence by trying to make me believe this is an actual NBA team.  I don’t really want to discuss the Raptors right now, I just finished my lunch, and would like to keep it down.  As for the rest of my predictions, Kemba Walker will probably (assuredly) not win Rookie of The Year, Kyrie Irving is probably going to take that, and deservedly so.  Kevin Durant should win MVP, unless it somehow goes to LeBron, which it absolutely should not, since he isn’t even the best player on HIS team.  The only other person I see challenging Durant could be Kobe.  Can someone please tell him he’s been in the league for 16 years now and is supposed to start falling off sometime soon?  As for the Finals, well with that nasty injury to Derrick Rose, it’s safe to say the Bulls aren’t going to be there.  Here’s hoping the Celtics can step up and stop the Heat in the East, and as for the West, I want to stick with my original call, The Thunder, but damn San Antonio is impressive.  And it would be nice for both Pop and Duncan to get one more ring.  It’s been a fun playoffs thus far though, and that’s all you can really ask for. 
As for the Blue Jays?  It’s been six weeks, and six weeks does not a season beget.  The bats show up once in a while, but pitching has been the real story here.  They have been in every game they have played thus far, except for maybe 2.  And the team is playing up beat fast fun baseball.  And the fact that they have played not that great, and are still keeping pace with the leaders is a sign of things to come.  JoeyBats gets hot, Adam Lind gets consistent, and this team is running away with it.  Remember, this is baseball, second week of May is a long ways away from the last week in September.  Have patience keep optimistic, but most importantly, enjoy the games, because they are absolutely enjoyable!

BusDriva!!  I was just wondering what other blogs you read?  I’m looking to find some new stuff and thought you’d have a good list on entertaining sites.  Let me know.

Hey, that’s a good idea, let’s send out some “blog love”.  I read a bunch of blogs to be honest, and a few other “pages” as well.  Here’s some stuff for you to add to your bookmark collection, but remember, you’re only allowed to go there after you visit my blog.  You have loyalties remember.
“Miked Up”, Mike Wilner. 

This is one of my favorite blogs, by a man who has my dream job.  Wilner is a part of the radio broadcast team for the Blue Jays, and after every game he host’s “Jays Talk” on the fan 590.  When that’s over he writes a blog about the day’s game, and any other relevant baseball news.  It’s updated daily, and it showcases both his knowledge and wit.  I read it every afternoon when I roll out of bed and drink my coffee.

Here is a blog written by a real live “Sex and the City” type lady.  Imported from the sticks, tackling the city, and just getting her grown woman on.  MsEmoCat talks about life, relationships and guys and whatever else she has on her mind.   She promises to write more, so maybe a little fanfare will encourage her.  And if you’re reading this, add a little bit more erotica please, allow us to live vicariously..……

This guy is quite entertaining as well.  He covers pretty much everything and has a nice smooth layout.  Hmmm, I should probably talk to Eli because every time I go to this site, I feel kind of bush league.  Oh, and he has a video log too.  Yeah, I’ll be talking to Eli, suddenly I’m not impressed with a few things around here.

So basically, this is a guy that scours the craigslist want ads, and then emails people who are selling things or looking for things,  and he fucks with them something fierce.  He posts the back and forth correspondence, and it plainly is some funny fucking shit.  Have a look through, and check back periodically, it takes him sometime to find someone dumb enough to fall for his stuff, so updates are irregular, but worth the wait.
And if you’re on FaceBook, like a page called Flo~   (!/floplatform).  That’s a good friend of mine, and he keeps that page jam packed with crazy interesting things to read.  Be careful though, being on that page could result in you being late for work, it’s that engrossing.

Well, that’s enough for this week.  We didn’t get through a lot of mail, because the responses were rather long winded (however uncharacteristically so), and I’m up against my word count.  But I am going to make a conscious effort to do mailbags more frequently in the future.  I know some people aren’t big fans, but I like them, and this is my blog, so deal with it.  Mail can be sent to, comments can be left on the blog, and don’t forget to follow the twitter @busdriva23.  I have to get out of here and get this day started now.  I have to find a date to see Avengers with, and being that I’ve been a moody bastard the last little while, that could be somewhat of a herculean task.  Fuck it, I’ll probably just see it alone, to be honest I’m pretty much over the games these chicks now a days like to play.  But that’s another post all together.  A special shout out to Mom and her engagement to a guy named Reza.  It’s been a couple of months since the actual engagement, so it’s about time I acknowledge it officially.  He’s an alright dude, as long as he knows his role and remembers that I’m fatherless and don’t want it any other way.  I suppose we can be friends though, after all, he’s kind of funny, and he’s a mean cook.  That too could be addressed in its own blog sometime in the near or distant future, who knows.  Anyhow…….. I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks.  Until then, hang in there…………